Scrapd – Website of the Week


Scrapd – Simplistic Functionality

This week’s web award goes to the wonderful ‘Scrapd’ website, showcasing the digital scrapbook application through a gloriously simple design. Reveling in the simplicity of its design, the site uses a simple parallax scroll on a singular page and a limited white and red colour scheme inhabited by great use of video and some clever functionality.

The hero video sits unassumingly behind the headline text of the homepage which provides a welcome, initial introduction to the qualities and capabilities of the app in question. The video itself, once correctly played is a concise demonstration of the application with extremely high production values, making it a welcome addition to the overall quality of the website.

One of the smartest pieces of functionality on the site is the scrolling mobile phone under the features tab. The parallax function changes briefly to become a scrolling screen contained on the mobile phone, working in conjunction with rolling text on the screen. Its confident calls to action at the end of this text are a bold gambit to place in the lap of its audience, but one that is well supported by this display of the apps features.

The pricing at the bottom of the page, and the Twitter links to its creators work well in footing the page. The simplicity in how the page works, and the consistency of the branding throughout are what make the site so striking. Its limited use of content and imagery are what allow the website to so confidently make the suggestion of downloading the app.

As a web developer, it is nice to see a parallax site that works so smoothly and transitions at the scroll of a mouse. It’s also nice to see some clever functionality and a variation of ways of engaging with its audience on what is admittedly a small website.

A very nice website overall, and one that we are proud to announce as our winner.

To view the Scrapd website, click here.

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