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Google Ideas

Google Ideas – Making the World a Better Place

A website built for a strictly moral reason, in this case, simply trying to ‘Make the World a Better Place’, however generalised that ideal may be. Protecting websites, people and businesses from digital attacks, the Google ideas website uses the tagline, ‘Tools Against Oppression’, which is an apt summary of their approach.

In terms of design, the website stays loyal to Google’s typical design and their natural colour scheme, but with clever digital interference inputs in the way the text is displayed on the page. The globe function on the ‘Vision’ page is one of a number of cool animations that appear throughout the site, and add to its impressive interactivity.

As an informative exercise, the website also works well, with a simple navigation that presents the information you need clearly, with little fuss. As such, the site doesn’t need to work hard in terms of design.

We have great respect for the way that the website works and is built, but also the wholesome ideal that sits behind it.

To view the Google Ideas website, click here.

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