Is Your Website Costing You Business?

Game Over

As a creative agency, we always highlight the importance of user journey to our customers when building a new site. However, now user experience has never been so important with Google as the search engine giant acts to make user journey an important factor behind the scenes in their algorithm. Can you afford to lose business because your website is not up to scratch?

Why is User Experience Important?

Allow us to place some context behind this. Search Engine Land recently reported on a statement from a Google spokesperson, which read, “Mobile-friendly websites provide us with a much better user experience for the mobile users. According to our studies, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site that they had trouble accessing from their phone…Mobile is a very important area; the mobile device penetration is over 50% in the USA.” With the balance of power in how we as users access online content shifting tectonically, you really cannot afford to ignore these changes.

In digital, evolution is the key, and with changes coming thick and fast in the industry, you cannot afford to let your website fall below the standards of excellence that your brand deserves. Google already penalises errors that redirect mobile users to erroneous pages, but now it will be assessing Mobile UX in its own right and will reward or penalise accordingly based on factors such as font size and general mobile functionality.

Google Reads Your Site Like Users Do

The message is simple. Attempting to achieve a number 1 ranking on a bad website is a futile act, no question. Equally true is the fact that a great website with no rankings is also a futile act. User experience is now of unquestionable importance and the impetus is on businesses to evolve with these developments before the digital world evolves without them.

Which category will you fall into? Are you prepared to make the leap to digital excellence, or will you let your business fail because you didn’t recognise the importance of user experience on your website.