Bulgari, My Own Bike & More – Websites of the Week


Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Bulgari

This week’s top website belongs to a very aspirational brand. Bulgari reflects somewhat of a pinnacle of shopper aspirations, and the site fully reflects this. If searching for a word to describe the website’s appearance, one might say ‘glamourous’, ‘luxurious’ or ‘indulgent’. This synergy is an important aspect of design for a consumer facing brand such as Bulgari and the site captures this perfectly. The user journey is simple and in terms of innovation, it is not the most forward thinking site on the web, but what it lacks in innovation, it certainly makes up for in aesthetic design with a wonderful photographic range. Sharp imagery and brand synergy win it for Bulgari.

2. My Own Bike

This is a real “playtime” site, typical of web design that acts as an enjoyable distraction from ‘the daily grind’. It’s easy to imagine hours being spent by otherwise uninterested surfers on designing more and more garish, colourful bikes. The design process itself could not be more simple, with users picking limited parts and colour schemes, but the uncluttered design of the sight adds a certain class. Beyond the customisation page, the site maintains its simple appeal and the muted background colours work perfectly against some of the more bold colour choices in the menus. We really like this site.

3. Michel Doudin

Breaking into the top three is the website of designer, Michel Doudin. Again, simplicity appears to be the theme hear in terms of visual design with bold, block colours defining the appearance of the site. The bold, simplistic design is well complimented by the user journey, which, although simple does carry with it a certain individuality in terms of its innovation. Following a pattern determined by four arrows certainly seems simplistic, but in reality, it is a quirky and seldom-used tool. An enjoyable site.

4. Super Sync Sports

Not a site to share around the office if productivity is an issue, the fourth site on our list is a very individual and fun entry. Innovation is key here with users able to sync the site to there phone for gaming, hence the name, but the site’s unique appearance is what provides it with a truly individual personality. Simplistic, colourful cartoons, here reflect a bold personality and entice users to the site, one that will clearly be considerable time waster.

5. Swarovski

Rounding off this week’s Web Top 5 is another classy website from an aspirational brand. Swarovski’s site is a great example of how a muted colour pallet and expert photography of an exceptional brand can really provide an enjoyable base for aspirational shoppers. The site’s blog is also a superb example of a regularly maintained outlet with quality content being key it’s success. The illusion of expense is well adhered to.

What do you think about our choices, do have a favourite website? If so, we’d like to hear it.

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