Kinfolk, Trippeo & More – Websites of the Week


Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Kinfolk

The winner of this week’s Web Top 5 is the Kinfolk website. Characterised by the website’s simple but slick appearance, defined by light, airy colours, the Kinfolk website outreach’s its audience through a variation of techniques, including events, a magazine, shop, guides and stories, forming a great integrated marketing strategy.

2. Mathilde Jacon

The second site in this week’s Web Top 5 is a really impressive website from Mathilde Jacon. The website uses a really innovative navigational technique to create a striking persona that really complements the brand. The user journey really suits the audience that the website is targeting, and its use of colour works beautifully in tandem.

3. Trippeo

The Trippeo website is third in this week’s Web Top 5, using video extensively and effectively. By overlaying clever animation onto the video content, the website’s appeal is granted another impressive layer. A simple navigation and clear content continue to add to the website’s immense appeal, which is well worthy of a place on this list.

4. Cirq

The fourth site in this week’s Web Top 5 finds it way onto the list, with a clever cocktail of video, storytelling and strong calls to action, as well as a really unique look and feel, reflective of the traditional values of the brand itself. We really like this website.

5. Mkshift

The fifth and final site in this week’s Web Top 5 is the Mkshft website. This magazine site is characterised by strong imagery, which boldly introduces the website to its visitors. It’s clear navigation, and slick execution highlight what is a site worthy of the Web Top 5.

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