Giacomorelli, Spyker Cars & More – Websites of the Week


Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Giacomorelli

This week’s winner of the Web Top 5 is Giacomorelli. A fantastic site characterised by its black and white persona, the website does a fantastic job of adding colour to the experience through a unique menu which draws in multicoloured navigational options. The fantastic imagery throughout the site helps to really show off what is a strong product. The site is built on the foundation of such an impressive product and it shines through in what is a worthy winner..

2. Spyker Cars

In second place week is a website belonging to a very high end product. The Spyker car range is reflected here in a site that is immediately an aesthetic delight. The muted colour scheme and gentle transitions foreground the cars, which is exactly as it should be. The heritage page on the site is also an extremely pleasing addition, with its clever use of animation throughout. A great way to reflect the power of the Spyker brand.

3. Ash and Ames

Another high end product is reflected in the third site in the Web Top 5. This week being the Ash and Ames website for the jewellery brand. The site’s linear structure, characterised by a somewhat tablet based appearance gives the perfect platform for the animation that sits throughout the site and once again works well in foregrounding the product in question.

4. Thomas Schrijer

The Thomas Schrijer site is a welcome addition to this week’s Web Top 5. Whilst simplistic in being a scrolling site, the use of imagery throughout is colourful and unique and arranged in a way that really foregrounds Schrijer’s work.

5. Hello Alfred

The Hello Alfred website rounds off this week’s Web Top 5. The sites basic appearance with bold colour choices and fonts is a welcome change from over saturated sites. The use of strong icons is also a welcome method that the site employs. Its simple scrolling menu makes the site perfect across reactive platforms.

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