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7 min read by Charles Craik 16 Oct 2020


It’s October – the spooky season is well underway with an unnecessary amount of confectionaries in the shops, the classic pumpkin spice latte has returned to our coffee shops once again and we’re ready to empty out various vegetables and turn them into lanterns – plus us festive types are preparing for the final month of having to wait for Christmas music to be allowed.

September was busy as ever at StrategiQ, despite not being able to go anywhere at all, we enjoyed the usual end of summer fun of everyone seemingly being on holiday all the time, launching websites, kicking-off with new clients, bringing in some new faces, reading some really good stuff and making even more industry friends.

It’s sadly time, as the month begins anew, for our reigning MVP Sean to hand over the crown, cumberbund or belt (whatever you imagine it as in your head) to the next deserving winner. Let’s take a look at some of September’s best nominations!


“I am nominating this person because they have absolutely smashed it this month with their expertise and willingness to always be better. Elliot is a dream to work with because he spots opportunities like they are going out of fashion. Working with Elliot on a number of clients has not only been great fun but to see a maestro at work. Whenever we have met clients he is always asking the most important questions to get the best out of PPC and Paid ads. This allows Elliot to build such a detailed picture of their campaign and improves their performance as result. I cannot wait to work and develop clients strategies with Elliot in the months to come! This month is the month of the Hall!”

“Jordan has made an absolutely excellent start as part of the new StrategiQ Client Services team.  He has shown real determination to understand and use the new processes as well as engaging with his portfolio of clients in a meaningful and friendly way – building great relationships from the off.  Great work Jordan – keep it up!”

“After a busy August with tight resources and Holidays, September has seen a great first month for our new financial year at StrategiQ. With our new hires settling in and some amazing client wins the light at the end of the tunnel is certainly getting bigger and brighter. Special shout-outs this month go to Sophie for some impressive initiative and creativity with her social work for our clients and also Duncan who has been a titan in bearing the weight of our last few Magento launches of the year single-handedly. The unsung hero and standout winner for me in September is someone who has come back from their break swinging, focused, in control and setting the example client communication raising issues to line managers and exuding positivity and drive. Hatii has had her best month ever at StrategiQ and she deserves MVP because she’s stepped up to the plate and welcomed with open-arms anything that’s been thrown her way. Hatii has taken on feedback, grown confidence and become really close with her clients throughout COVID and into September.”

“With so much going on all at once and with all members of the team it’s been a tough month select any particular individual over the others but with that said my MVP for September has to be Emma. Even with her sometimes daunting schedule, Emma always has a smile on her face and has constantly gone out of her way to help out if the situation arises, whether that be dealing with last-minute scheduling issues or staying a little bit late in the evening to help out with some tricky client comms. Emma is StrategiQ’s rock (the non-Traction kind). Thanks, Em for your amazing dedication to the team.”

Honestly, this bunch. There’s just so much going on every month that is worthy of this title – unfortunately, we’re a collection of modest people and sometimes struggle to shout about what we all do that makes such an impact. However, that does mean our nominations are always genuine, heartfelt words where colleagues have really noticed the impact someone has had.


Speaking of impact – it’s time to announce our winner!

Every month, one person stands out enough to get the most votes from the team and takes on the coveted title of MVP. This time around, it was one of our newer faces, but also an old friend. This month’s winner is meticulous, detailed, personable, kind and super smart. She’s become a real personality in the office and we certainly couldn’t go without her now we know what it’s like to have her here! You guessed it – September’s MVP is none other than Sophie Coe!

“Sophie’s brilliant. She brings tonnes of enthusiasm, a great ‘can-do’ attitude and is rapidly growing her expertise by completing a wide variety of tasks while also beginning to manage her own accounts. Great to have her back!”

“My vote goes to Sophie – StrategiQ’s little ray of sunshine! Our social media offering has gone from strength to strength since Sophie has started. We’re seeing some great results from her campaigns and Sophie is always going above and beyond to delight clients and spot new opportunities. Most recently, she’s really stepped up with managing clients, with whom she is building priceless relationships. Well done Sophie keep up the good work and never stop putting a smile on peoples faces! :)”


“I think it is becoming very clear that Sophie has a huge amount of potential and is already demonstrating skills with clients and communication that is well beyond her years. She is quick and efficient with the delivery of work, and she is already becoming a presence in the office. Her presentation and confidence at the Strategy Days were also very impressive. She has a very bright marketing future ahead and definitely deserves some recognition for her brilliant start to life at StrategiQ.”

“Sophie’s been a total champ this month. She’s lived and breathed our values by diving head-first into MailChimp and delivering consistent results for our clients’ email campaigns, she’s brought new ideas and enthusiasm to organic social delivery with Leah alongside stepping up – and totally owning – her account work with some budding account management skills. You love to see it.”

We DO love to see it. All of it!! Let’s take a moment of appreciation for Sophie’s undeniable commitment to our values just by being herself and doing her absolute best at everything she sets her mind to. Congratulations Sophie, enjoy your dinner and duvet day on us!

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