Toby, or not Toby? …It’s definitely Tobias, actually

4 min read by Charles Craik 30 Apr 2019


There’s so much going on in the StrategiQ spaceship at the moment, but never too much to welcome in new members of the team! That means it’s celebration time at the StrategiQ Midlands Office, as we welcome another new face! This time, it’s Senior Tech SEO maestro Tobias Kemp!


So, who is Tobias?

Tobias graduated from Worcester University with a BSc in Computing, and although that might not sound massively fun, it did mean he spent a lot of time building and designing computer games (suddenly a lot cooler, eh?). He even considered becoming a game developer as a career, but we’re glad he didn’t!

After realising he loved messing about with things on the interwebs – mixed with his love for computers – Tobias took on a job at Studio William (a company that makes luxury fine cutlery) where he was an Online Brand Developer for three years. What followed was various visits to trade shows, and a very varied repertoire of skills.

After thoroughly enjoying his time as a fancy spoon man, Tobias moved to Ulster-based agency CAB Studios, where he was an Account Executive. This saw him working with a number of big clients like Teamsport, Playboy London, Woburn, Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants and more.

It was here that Tobias discovered his love for SEO. In his words:

“You can never complete SEO – it’s the ultimate computer game”.

This was his first dip into in-house SEO, which spurred his move to another company called The Media Works (TMWI) where he worked as a tech SEO for some huge brands including Nestlé, Purina, Dolcé Gusto, Heineken and Redrow Homes, and that’s where his StrategiQ story begins!

A bit more about Tobias

Tobias is one of those sporty types that everyone is jealous of – he loves to play and watch football (an Aston Villa fan) and plays tennis two to three times a week – but he is also a couch potato and loves a good bit of TV, especially Game of Thrones (I feel better now). Tobias has never lost his passion for gaming and enjoys nothing more than a session of RPG gaming, playing stuff like Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim, as well as the classics like Monkey Island and Broken Sword from his childhood. He is a massive lover of puns too – clearly a man of good taste.

But it’s not just Tobias’ good taste in games and highly amusing wordplay that make him a popular addition to the StrategiQ team – he also has a super cute dog called Ori, who loves going for walks with his human. OF COURSE, WE HAVE PICTURES.


So, why StrategiQ?

“I first came across StrategiQ after meeting James Bavington over a game of blackjack at a London search event. Then, not long after, I heard about their Search Award and the launch of recent SEO platform Spark, which really excited me. I knew I had to join that team. What I’ve found is that everyone has an immense sense of drive and passion, which is combined with a friendly atmosphere. It’s an exciting environment to be in.”

Welcome to the team Tobias, we’re excited to have you on board!

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