The Three Marketeers

7 min read by Charles Craik 19 Mar 2019


It’s March Madness here at StrategiQ as we welcome not one, not two, but three new team members to the family! Yep, we’ve been harvesting the best and brightest talent in East Anglia to help us keep up with the incredible growth we’ve seen in the last few years as a company. The culture and atmosphere we’ve created and nurtured at StrategiQ is invaluable, and we work super hard to make sure everyone not only has the skills or potential to be something great, but also fits the can-do, ‘above and beyond’ attitude that we pride ourselves on as a company.

Reliable Roisin

So let’s begin the welcomes. Firstly, we’d like to give a big, warm welcome to Marvellous Marketing Executive, Roisin Ryan-Self!


Roisin started her marketing career after getting a glimpse into digital while studying for a degree in film and literature and doing an internship at a Bury St Edmunds agency, which sparked a full-blown interest in marketing. She went on to complete a course in Digital Marketing Strategy, spent two years at a Sudbury agency honing her skills in marketing and comms, and worked closely with a lot of charitable organisations and specialist industries. Alongside working at StrategiQ, she’s currently studying for a Level 4 qualification in Professional Marketing with the hopes of completing a diploma through the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Cambridge Marketing College. (and breathe)

When Roisin somehow has any spare time, she loves pretty much any kind of festival, be it food, music or beer, and enjoying all kinds of art and culture. This has seen her become a committee officer for the former St. Peter’s Church in Sudbury, where she works tirelessly to help raise the funds to re-invent the building as a proper events venue – so you’ll usually find her there working away or stewarding a local gig. She also loves to walk a dog named Kara to help out the charity Our Special Friends, which promotes animal companionship for the elderly and those with long-term illness – all of this while she’s regularly flying to Ireland to see her family!

When we asked Roisin what made her choose StrategiQ, she said:

“Having spotted the job opportunities at StrategiQ, there was no way I wasn’t going to send in my CV. From my conversations with both Nick and Chris, it was so clear that StrategiQ is an agency that really values its people. The commitment to development here is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before, and equally, after meeting Andy and the team, the commitment to delivering the best integrated marketing solutions for its clients is palpable. I’m looking forward to what the future will bring for StrategiQ, and I’m very happy to be a part of it.”

We’re happy you’re part of it too, Roisin!!

Noble Nick

Our next instalment of the crew is the one and only Nick Stacey! (I know, yet another Nick – we definitely need some ‘Nick-names’…)


Nick started out his adult life in the army as a Household Cavalryman (the ones who ride the horses) and was part of the Queen’s Bodyguard, where he met the Queen multiple times and also team chased her own horses, Tiger Lily and Peter Pan. Upon leaving the army, he started up a used car dealership which taught him an awful lot about marketing and sales, and he ran the dealership successfully for six years before selling it on.

Nick is a quick learner and hastily realised he loved the art of business and sales – so he started another business with his wife that is still running to this day and offers personalised children’s gifts. After teaching himself and executing marketing strategies with his gift business and running a freelance consultancy, Nick decided it wasn’t right for him to be working from home all the time and put the feelers out for any high-quality agencies that might be looking, which is where he found us!

When he’s not overseeing the running of his gift business, you’ll often find Nick out in the elements chasing storms and kitesurfing or presenting his podcast. He also once auditioned to be the Milky Bar Kid. You can’t say we don’t choose interesting people here at StrategiQ.

Nick might have been still in character when we asked him why he wanted to join StrategiQ as Marketing Consultant:

“When I put the feelers out through my network, I stated only the best is good enough: the creamiest milk, the whitest bar, the good taste that’s in Milky Bar. One of my good friends put me in touch with Andy and the rest is history. It took me five minutes to realise I wanted to be part of the team and assist StrategiQ in its journey.”

Some of that definitely isn’t edited.

Lovable Laurence

Last but not least, we’ve got a blast from the past as rejoining the company is our friend and ‘first born’, developer Laurence Caton!


Some of you may remember him, as Laurence was the first outright employee at StrategiQ all those years ago and stayed with the company up until two and a half years ago, where he moved into freelance development for a while. He’s always kept tabs on what we’ve been up to, and after developing websites with a few other local agencies and maintaining a continued relationship with us as a freelancer, he decided it was time to get back into office life and join our esteemed development team once more.

In his spare time, Laurence is enjoying life playing with his four-year-old daughter Rose, and he can often be seen walking Coco, his huge three-year-old Labernard (Labrador/St. Bernard).

Laurence was ecstatic to become part of the team again:

“After having previously worked at StrategiQ and other local agencies, there was no other agency I would have gone to. The emphasis on personal development and excellence throughout the business is infectious, and I can honestly say there is no other place of work that can develop individuals like the culture at StrategiQ can.”

It’s safe to say we’ve gained three awesome new team members with this bunch, and we’re delighted to welcome them all to the family.

If you think StrategiQ is the place you need to be, or just fancy having a chat with us, get in touch or check out our careers page for more info on how to become part of the team.

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