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Leah is a social media specialist who thrives on the diversity of the social landscape. Every day presents a new opportunity and a new challenge that she faces head on. Deeply focused on engagement and results, Leah hates ‘content for content's sake’ and is constantly changing tack to keep clients' feeds fresh and worth following. From Instagram to TikTok, Leah is thrilled to be at the cutting-edge of digital marketing, pushing boundaries and experimenting in the wild west of advertising.

My mission is to make a positive difference and to live a life worth writing about.

Outside the office

Food-Loving Yogi

Outside of work, you can usually find Leah on her yoga mat practising around six times a week. Leah is also obsessed with cooking and spends an unhealthy amount of free time thinking about what she wants to cook next. When not cooking, she enjoys travelling the world and has visited over 30 countries. However, after recent events, Leah is now tickling the ivories and learning the piano as a lockdown hobby.