Keiran's Expertise
Web Design
Keiran is one of our designers, and joined StrategiQ in September 2018. He loves the challenge of his job. You can trust that any problem that he is faced with is a temporary one. His work ethic is second-to-none, and he's always working to meet and exceed your design expectations.

My mission is to immerse myself in creative pursuits in life, constantly improving my skills and knowledge to enhance both the quality and diversity of my output as well as the enjoyment I get from it.

Outside the office

House Music & Pizza Enthusiast

When he leaves work, Keiran loves nothing more than pizza and listening to lo-fi house. He’s also been known to mix his own tunes from the comfort of his bedroom. During a childhood swimming lesson, he accidentally launched a float across the floor of the pool and up into the face of a couple, mid-kiss.

Keiran Life Photo