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Hatii joined our Midlands team in January 2020, bringing a whole load of marketing experience with her. As an account manager, Hatii acts as the bridge between clients and our channel specialists, ensuring projects run smoothly and clients enjoy regular updates on campaign performance. Hatii recognises the importance of emotional intelligence in account management, along with the ability to read situations and solve problems.

My mission is to develop relationships by motivating, inspiring and bringing people together to deliver award-winning marketing strategies... (and keep everyone smiling along the way).

Outside the office

Street foodie, dog lover and adventure-seeker

When she’s not account managing like a boss, Hatii likes to indulge her other passions which include street food, travel and dogs. Such is her love for the canine kind, Hatii runs a group named Bavarian Walkies, whose members get together every month to go exploring with their Bavarian Mountain Hounds. You can find the group on Instagram @bavarian_mountain_hound.

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