Copywriter / Content Designer
Doug's Expertise
Content Design
Brand Communications
Tone of Voice
Doug’s past life was spent in the music industry before he jumped ship to become a copywriter in 2016, and he hasn't looked back since. Doug joined us at the beginning of 2021, a familiar face to StrategiQ having closely worked with the team for many years. There’s nothing Doug loves more than studying what works in content, reading up on the latest industry updates and being really absorbed in the brands and businesses he writes about.

My mission is to help businesses use content to achieve more profile, respect and revenue - to get their target audience's attention, win people's trust and make them the obvious best solution.

Outside the office

Father, Storyteller, Steampunk Author

Doug loves spending quality time with his two sons and wife, who inspire him in his other favourite hobby, which is – you guessed it – writing! When not creating eye-grabbing content for clients, Doug spends his spare time working on a number of series of novels for kids. These series range from urban fantasy and supernatural all the way through to a steampunk trilogy and even ‘robot insect secret agents’.