Be's Expertise
Web design
Commercial Problem solving
Packaging Design
Be thrives on finding creative solutions and fresh perspectives for solving clients' business needs, whether that's in printed media or web design. Working with a variety of clients gives Be the chance to explore new approaches every day. Be is very ambitious and motivated (93%) to always learn new things, which means she believes she can achieve anything and say 'YES!' to anything thrown her way.

My mission is to be the best I can be personally and professionally. To inspire others and create happiness for myself and those around me. To reduce my carbon footprint and support good causes for the environment and people in need.

Outside the office

Living Her Best Life

When she’s not bringing our clients’ brands to life, Be loves to listen to music, anything from Norwegian Black Metal to Indie, House, Drum & Bass, and Reggae – whichever best matches her mood. Exploring new places around the world is also an activity Be enjoys, with a few stops at bars and pubs along the way. Similar to her music taste, Be’s drink preference couldn’t be more diverse. She either craves a pint of bitter (Guinness) or a super sweet French Martini cocktail, with the occasional Rose but you’ll never catch her drinking larger!

Be is an education and sustainability advocate, making a conscious effort to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. She is also obsessed with helping people, celebrating people’s success, and generally trying to brighten everyone’s day!