Sweeeet Caroline, Dun Dun Dun

You may have noticed recently that we’ve been on the hunt for some more local talent. Well, our calls were answered – albeit by some slightly less local talent – as we welcome Canadian character Caroline Tooke to the team as Senior Account Manager!

Caroline joins us after ten years working in account and project management in the retail and EPOS industries, making her a great fit in our ever-growing team of specialists. Moving to the UK from the ‘Great White North’ (aka Canada) 12 years ago, Caroline started out by settling in London before moving to sunny Suffolk with her husband and dog. Good move, Caroline.

So, what does Caroline like to do outside of managing things?

Though it wasn’t on her CV, Caroline is an avid adventurer. There’s nothing she enjoys more than a long walk in the countryside or along the beach, as long as she’s accompanied by her husband and Benson, her beloved Cocker Spaniel.

Being an outdoorsy type, Caroline is also a big fan of another, slightly larger four-legged beast. Such is her love of horses, she hopes to return to endurance rides sometime soon – something she enjoyed regularly back in Canada. Finally, another horsey person in the office!

Alongside her very Suffolk-friendly hobby list, Caroline is also a dabbler in the arts, and likes to design and create fabulous living spaces for friends and family, when time permits of course!

Why StrategiQ?

When asked if she’s excited about her new role, and why she chose StrategiQ, Caroline said:

“Whilst waiting for my interview, I found myself observing the StrategiQ environment, and I was so impressed with the great atmosphere and team spirit. When speaking with Andy, I could instantly see where this is generated from! The passion and drive behind the brand is impressive and it’s evident in everyone here who works and breathes StrategiQ’s values. I love the fact that there is a personal plan for me to use my current skill set to benefit StrategiQ, and the plan to introduce new skills to enhance career development is both comforting and exciting at the same time. I’m so looking forward to integrating and settling in with the StrategiQ family, and for the team to get used to this crazy Canuck!”

Welcome to the family, Caroline!

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