Distilled, Mashable & More – Websites of the Week

Website of the Week

Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Distilled

The award of best website this week goes to Distilled, an excellent resource for digital marketers supported by an excellent site. One of the major aspects of the site that has resonated with the StrategiQ team is the excellent resource/blog page, which pleasingly shares a plethora of interesting content, layed out in an easily digestible manner. Changing layouts between posts, features and videos keep the site continually dynamic in appearance, whilst remain streamline and easy to digest. The site’s bright, inviting colour scheme and uncluttered appearance make it a very welcoming site for digital marketers and ultimately our top 5 winner.

2. Fish Finger

Our number two site belongs to Fish Finger, on the basis of the site’s extraordinary character. Upon opening the site, users are greeted by an excellent use of animation, which incorporates music excellently, continuing to add to the brand’s individual appeal. An energetic and tongue-in-cheek approach is most potently visible on the site’s “About” page, which introduces the Fish Finger team in a very carefree manner, developing characters such as Mr. Salmon and Crumbs to outline the skills associated with the brand. A worthy second place.

3. Hard Graft

Our third choice is a really aesthetically pleasing site. Much of Hard Graft’s success comes from its impressive base of products, which are dramatically foregrounded by some excellent photography. Its parallax function is also an enjoyable feature, with a consistent “buy” function consistently accompanying the scroll. A prime example of an aspirational brand, the site features a muted colour scheme that makes the products the true stars of the show.

4. Mashable

Long seen as an important outlet in the world of digital media, our fourth placed site is the Mashable. An impressive news site, Mashable’s feed generates massive engagement across social media and active Twitter users will be very familiar with the outlet, with regular content consistently appearing. Aesthetically the site’s sky blue and white colour scheme is clean and modern, reflective of the Mashable brand.

5. Lumoid

Rounding off this week’s choices is Lumoid. This camera retailer site is a lesson in simple, effective web design, with an uncluttered persona accompanied by some powerful hero imagery. Simple navigation ensures that the user journey is ideal for those looking for a quick purchase, but also provides a good platform for users with the time to shop around.

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