StrategiQ Web Top 5 (Week 8)


The StrategiQ Team make their picks for this week’s Web Top 5

Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winner is…

In an extremely close Top 5 the winner is SUPER-LOOPER. This site is a real lesson in innovation, but also a real exercise in time wasting. A clever music creation system works on a simple system of clicking the screen for various instrument sound effects. It’s a fairly simple premise, but one that is the expert in building distractions for its audience. Aesthetically the site is also a joy to behold with the flashing coloured squares accompanying each click adding another enjoyable dimension to the site’s distracting appeal. This site is a lot of fun.

2. Soul Reaper
The second site on the list challenges strongly for the top spot. A stylistic scrolling comic, the site is dramatic, fun and engaging. The parallax function is given real life by this site and the accompanying sound effects bring the images to life. The question exists as to the longevity of the site, which is a a factor decided by the popularity of the subject matter, but in terms of innovation and design, this is a site that could easily be placed at the top of the list in most weeks.

3. Jo Malone
The first aspirational brand on this week’s Web Top 5 is the Jo Malone site. By foregrounding its luxurious products, the site is able to rely heavily on hero images, which are admittedly an excellent display of photography and a superb advert for the products themselves. The site’s simplicity is one of the key aspects behind its success, and its reliance on this simple technique does not in any way relinquish the expensive persona behind the brand.

4. Dior
Simple and an aesthetic dream, our fourth choice, Dior is another fine example of an aspirational brand making use of its enviable imagery. The site’s beautiful photography and relenting focus on it’s products ensures that aspirational and actual users of the products receive exactly the content that they are looking for. The Dior site is proof that web designers can rely on the strength of a brand, without resorting to the inclusion of flashy mechanics

5. Sporcle
Forget design and innovation, if we’re judging on user friendly content and enjoyment, there are few websites that come close to our fifth pick, Sporcle. The Quiz site continues to grow in popularity, offering a huge range of subjects sure to cater to any knowledge base. Easily one of the most immersive experiences online, users should become familiar with the words, “just one more…”
What do you think about our choices, do have a favourite website? If so, we’d like to hear it.

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