StrategiQ Web Top 5 (Week 4)


The StrategiQ Team make their picks for this week’s Web Top 5

Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winner is…

1. Peugeot HYbrid4
This week’s winner is perhaps the most impressive example of parallax scrolling that we have yet seen. Built to appear as a moving comic book, the integration of sound alongside the moving imagery is spectacular, especially when considering how the sound is controlled by a user’s scrolling. The use of the comic book medium is also an extremely innovative way of showcasing the car’s unique functionality. Peugeot’s site is an excellent example of how a website can break the simply monotony of static information to become a dynamic and fun piece of innovative design.

2. Killik & Co
Whilst this week’s winner was chosen for its remarkable design innovation, our number two choice is far more related to its synergy with its respective product. Stockbrokers, Killik & Co’s website is gloriously understated, presenting an extremely classy reflection of its parent company. The use of an extremely muted colour palette and an uncluttered front page result in a crisp, clean and sharp website that is a masterclass in simplicity. Killik & Co’s success is in understanding its brand and creating a visual representation that perfectly matches.

3. Deejo
Number three is a strong contender for the Web Top 5, with a superb example of interactive animation. Websites in which customers can customise their products are always an enjoyable plaything for web users, and Deejo fully understands this with a really pleasing customisable system. Despite working with a product that does not necessarily lend itself to interactive customisation, this is one of the strongest examples of the technology that we have seen.

4. Lexus LS
The second automobile-based website in this week’s top 5, could itself easily be a winner, being another innovative example of parallax scrolling. What excites about this particular parallax example is it’s continuous ability to evolve and surprise its audience with its ever changing content. Much like Peugeot’s example, this is exactly the sort of website that could easily eat away the hours of many a bored web browser.

5. Bienville
Simple user journey and a gorgeous homepage are what help this website find its way into the top 5. A simple design based on professional imagery and easily digestible information, ensure this website is a classy place to visit, but it is the homepage, complete with live feed of a New York City street (outside of Bienville’s office), that really wows. Essentially, it is a simple idea, but it is powerful in its ability to further entice visitors.

What do you think about our choices, do have a favourite website? If so, we’d like to hear it.

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