Nissan, The Monocle Cafe & More – Websites of the Week


Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Nissan USA Passion Genome

The winner of this week’s Web Top 5 does so based on pure innovation. Nissan USA’s Passion Genome breaks down a person’s interests via a link to their Facebook page. Grouping liked pages into relevant categories, the website forms a picture of the selected individual, based on a profile picture. Put simply, the site is a joy to look at, beautifully constructed in a heavily aesthetically pleasing way. The innovation behind the site’s interactivity is entertaining and while the site will hold little long-term value for users, it is an enjoyable piece all the same. Sometimes, the internet can be just for fun.

2. The Monocle Cafe

Second place falls to a website with one of the most enjoyable parallax’s we have seen. The site’s constant changing of direction is an entertaining feature that could easily captivate casual web users for some time. The site’s photography also lends a certain something to its overall appeal, and we would doubt any users would come away from the site without feeling hungry. It is evident throughout that this site is built to be a menu but a combination of expert photography and an entertaining parallax work in tandem to make this site so much more.

3. Six3Nine

Number three is another strong contender in this week’s Web Top 5. The personal training site is highly dynamic in appearance, despite a fairly muted palette of colours. It’s unusual look and feel also looks great on tablets and will be an enjoyable site for casual tablet browsers. Easy navigation also ensures that the user journey is never a chore and the correct content is accessible. So often a user’s enjoyment of a website can be ruined by an unnecessarily difficult navigation pattern and menu, despite a pretty appearance, so Six3Nine achieves an enviable balance.

4. Rolex

Simplicity, Elegance, Expense. All words that perfectly summarise the Rolex website. Rolex is a brand with effortlessly evokes class and elegance in spades, so the expectation on a Rolex website is naturally to reflect the brand’s prestige. No one could argue that the site achieves this, without ever having to exert itself from a design point of view. The Rolex website really is masterclass in subtlety and is a welcome addition to this weeks Web Top 5.


A strange choice you might say when we consider the design prowess exhibited by the other choices on the list. But bear with us. The site is a benchmark in simplicity, with easy navigation for users, an important factor for a retail site. Interesting use of video reviews to accompany products is a great way to give the audience the information they need in a more typically user friendly manner.

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