Tiffany & Co, World Food Clock & More – Websites of the Week


Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Tiffany & Co

The winner of this week’s Web Top 5 truly captures the Christmas spirit using a really sophisticated animation on the landing page, presenting their perfect gifts for perfect moments. The products are set within snowy imagery and beautiful produced graphics and videos such as ‘The Dreammaker’. The positioning and focus on the imagery on the website is what provides it with a real touch of class, characterised by its subtlety. This is a great Christmas marketing campaign, which is perfectly on brand. A worthy winner.

2. Pete Nottage

Pete Nottage is a UK-based presenter, voiceover and writer, this site showcases his talent. Characterised by a flat designed, quirky layout, the site’s animations are fun throughout. The simple user journey of the site is also key to its persona, with a simple animation leading through to new and interesting pages. Pop-ups of information regarding his clients and biography are also nice features that don’t disrupt the typical flow of the site.

3. World Food Clock

The third site on our list is that of World Food Clock. An ever-changing site, World Food Clock works to a simple idea for an important ideal, highlighting the astonishing levels of waste existing in the world. It is a very simple mechanic but is ultimately as engaging as a more typically content-heavy site.

4. Clipper Teas

The fourth site in this week’s Web Top 5 is Clipper Teas. The colourful illustrations throughout the site match the ornate Clipper tea packaging. The site is quirky throughout, with sign posts such as, ‘What’s Brewing’, ‘Win Lovely Stuff’, ‘Ditch the Old Bag’ and ‘Tales around the Teapot’ adding to its unique persona. It’s a charming, delightful website with a clever navigation and lots of calls to action to get involved with Clipper. In terms of marketing on many levels, Clipper is a prime example.

5. Paperchase

Despite the navigation being heavy, its division and colour coding is clever, ensuring an easy user journey. Large, bright images work to lure people into to view the beautiful Christmas goods on display. The graphic layout is clean and well sign posted to the various offers they currently have. We’re looking forward to seeing the new product ranges, displays and marketing to come.

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