Victoria Beckham, Mad Max Game & More – Websites of the Week


Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Victoria Beckham

Of the designer shopping experiences that we have encountered, the Victoria Beckham site is without a doubt our favourite. Giving shoppers the option to simply LOOK or SHOP, the website offers two distinct experiences. The LOOK option reveals a selection of stills and videos of Victoria Beckham’s creations on the catwalk and in the studio. This option does indeed set the tone for entering the aspirational SHOP section of the website which uses a simple, minimal design to foreground the beautiful products. With ‘Add to Bag’, ‘Size Guide’ and ‘Clothing Description’ Options all easy to find, the site is, like the clothes themselves, understated, elegant and sexy.

2. Mad Max Game

We’ve often found gaming sites to be somewhat underwhelming considering the popularity of their subject matter. However, those that do work well often do so based on their foregrounding of said subject matter. The Mad Max Game promotional site is a perfect example of this, using its parallax menu to reveal some the best 3D graphics found in gaming. The sites dark, muted and dusty colouring sets the tone for the 18+ title and the sort of violence that has become synonymous with the Mad Max brand.

3. The Whistler

Number 3 on the web top 5 this week is the Whistler site. Users could be forgiven for thinking that this is a somewhat simplistic site next to the others on the list, but its well structured and concise navigation allows users to focus on the good stuff, i.e. the location shots, videos and blogs. Other features such as the live weather cam add a little prestige to the site. A somewhat topical site, we say “Let it Snow”.

4. The Fernway

Another travel based site, although this is only a holding page. A strong image composition will immediately captivate audiences before pushing towards its simple, but stylish scrolling site. The title ‘An Ache for Distant Places’ is set against the interactive backdrop made up of contours on a map, which has slightly hidden text to rollover to reveal the full text, this is a really nice feature. The site’s goal is to tempt you in to gain early access to their unique selection of adventures, but we’re looking forward to seeing if the main website (in development) is as engaging as the holding page.

5.  Glenfiddich Gallery

As a website for an extremely high end and aspirational product, we were very pleased to see that Glenfiddich Gallery really does have the website to match. A relaxing user journey, characterised by a muted colour base and a shop window that is completely classy and engaging. The individual product pages are informative and clear, whilst the option to personalise your label and the beautiful box is a great interactive experience. With prices reaching £22,000 for a bottle of whiskey, the site does a remarkable job of persuading audiences that such prices are worth it.

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