Care UK, Be Visionaire & More – Websites of the Week

Care UK

Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Care UK

The winner of this week’s Web Top 5 is the Care UK website. An immediately arresting site with an easy navigation and an extraordinarily welcoming colour scheme, the Care UK also makes use of a very friendly selection of photography. It’s pleasing to see this theme present throughout the site as users delve further into the website, which generally presents an extraordinarily friendly outlook in an industry that can easily become sterile and sometimes quite threatening.The easy navigation of the site generally grants an assurance of finding the information important to you. This site readily conforms to the AIDA process we discussed in last week’s blog.

2. Be Visionaire

A genuinely bright and welcoming site, the number 2 spot in our Web Top 5 belongs to the Be Visionaire website. The simple concept behind the site is wonderfully empowering, encouraging people to set and reach their goals, but the design behind the site is what truly brings the concept to life. Its scrolling function accompanied with simple animations and a cartoonish persona, both in illustration and font presents an immediately arresting and engaging environment for browsers looking to set their goals. A connected focus is also present, granting the site a certain social relevance.

3. Life Socks

A very simple parallax site completes the top 3 of this week’s Web Top 5. Life Socks is simply compromised of 9 pages completing an empowering message that develops with each scroll of the mouse. Colourful, bright and welcoming with an enjoyable selection of animations, the site is a genuinely nice place to be.

4. Roadtrippers

Both a social zone and planner for regular travellers, Roadtrippers plays on the adventurer in us all. Design-wise, Roadtrippers is consistent with a modern blog layout, populated with great stories from adventurers who have used the resource. As a resource, Roadtrippers is superb in collating the relevant information into one useful zone, including entertainment, accommodation and calculations of petrol implications.

5. Factoclock

This most quirky of ideas is well executed in perhaps the most simplistic site that you will ever see on the Web Top 5. A rolling clock presents a new interesting fact after the pass of every minute. No pattern exists in the way the website presents the facts, but its uncluttered, simplistic facade is reflective of modern web design.

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