Visage, Calm & More – Websites of the Week


Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Visage

This week’s winner triumphs due to its massive success across a number of fields, most notably its glorious use of video and navigation. Simplicity is the key in a site built around a product intended to simplify data, which the gives the site a nice synergy to the Visage product. A simple scrolling layout emboldened by a strong, consistent colour scheme is accompanied by powerful, slick imagery throughout including an inspiring, mountainous hero image. The opening use of video is immediately arresting and is an excellent showcase of the product, whilst the slightly random blog continues the consistent theme of the site.

2. Calm

Second place, this week belongs to innovation with this wonderfully creative website. Built upon the concept of creating calm and serenity, the site offers users the opportunity to select a brief period of calm, accompanied by relaxing music and imagery. The site is a product in its own right and is a clever and more importantly relevant concept in what is a busy world. In terms of both execution of the idea and the purity of the organisations goal, is a site that is worthy of its place in the Web Top 5.

3. The Oatmeal

Originality and entertainment in perfect harmony in our third site this week. The Oatmeal’s selection of original comics, quizzes and videos make up a website that is a remarkable time waster and ultimately a lot of fun. Its very individual nature, characterised by the lively cartoons that populated its pages, is given the freedom to thrive with a generally limited colour scheme save for the cartoons themselves, which are granted the character they need.

4. Bop.FM

A music streaming service that cleverly aggregates the best songs and music videos, making them streamable from one centralised location. It’s the not the functionality of the site that most impresses us however, but the innovative design that exists throughout. Bordered by a black and green motif, the colourful, reactive cover art of the selected music really brings the site to life.

5. Graffiti General

This wonderfully interactive site is certainly impressive. Lending a certain credibility to the past time of graffiti art, the site allows users to explore an abandoned building and delve further into the science of graffiti art, before actually taking to the spray can itself. From a design point of view, the innovative menu against the decrepit appearance of the building is a clever juxtaposition that acts to give the site a unique identity.

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