Burton, Converse Creator & More – Websites of the Week


Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Burton

This week’s winner is a real triumph in terms of inclusive web design, making use of a number of important factors, all with a pleasing synergy. Excellent video, photography and parallax are all present to help create an understated site that foregrounds its products with a clever selection of bright colourful products. Sharp imagery carefully organised in a linear, but attractive manner, making use of a fairly square theme gives the product base life in a site that could easily fall into the trap of static information. An opening video presents a superb opening gambit, that will entice potential buyers, leading into a simple user journey. A worthy winner of the Web Top 5.

2. Converse Creator

If a keyword was assigned to describe this site, it would be ‘colour’. The Converse Creator homepage is splashed with a bright, engaging colour scheme, which works to entice potential buyers to the possibility of creating their own ridiculous designs. The site plays to the designer in all of us, and whilst its users are on the site, the surrounding bright decor of the page serves to eliminate any aspect of reservedness that may exist. The use of scrolling imagery and a smile creation mechanic add further dynamism to the site.

3. British Legion

Colourful, interactive, fun and for a good cause. Why wouldn’t this site find its way into the Web Top 5? A simple parallax site, British Legion have created the perfect method of tracking where poppy donations actually go. With the poppy forming an important part of each of the resultant animations, the synergy between the product/service and the site itself is never lost, even as users are lost in the enjoyable, interactive design of the website. Definitely a worthy entry into the Web Top 5.

4. World Food Clock

The fourth site in this week’s Web Top 5 is another site connected to an excellent cause. The World Food Clock is a continuous countdown of food produced, consumed and wasted as well as counting land used to grow wasted food and a number of other important statistics. Its continuos movement ensures that the website will forever remain an important and relevant resource in the development of this cause.

5. Masseria Cisternella

The final site in this weeks Web Top 5 is the Masseria Cisternella website. This luxurious Bed and Breakfast is given the credit it deserves by this beautiful understated site. Luxurious scrolling photography is bordered by a simple, yet classy white theme accompanied with a classical font, fully reflective of the product’s luxurious persona.

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