The Shard, Vizio & More – Websites of the Week

The Shard

Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. The Shard

The winner of this week’s web top 5 is the official website of one of Britain’s most iconic structures. Towering above the London landscape, the incredible Shard has become a symbol of progress and prosperity throughout the capital. Perfectly capturing its sharp, slick persona, the accompanying website is skilful in capturing the personality of the unique structure. Characterised by white space, an attractive font and a focus on attractive imagery, the site is easy to navigate with considerable amounts of desirable content including a gallery page with some of the most incredible imagery one will ever see. A worthy winner of this week’s competition.

2. Vizio

Second on this weeks list is Vizio. With the brand identity every bit as slick as the products themselves, this is a perfect example of synergy between a brand’s online identity and its services. The site itself benefits from a sharp layout, characterised by square content tiles across the page. A fairly muted colour pallet and a random layout of content tiles characterise what this website stands for in terms of web design and the result is a very dynamic appearance that complements its subject matter in a confident way.


Making third place in our Web Top 5 is Apartment CB2. This site is characterised by incredible invention. With the company behind the site effectively building an apartment based on suggestions pinned on Pinterest, one would expect the accompanying site to be every bit as quirky and inventive. And it is. A bright colour scheme gives the site an immediate feel good factor and a very individual personality, whilst the subtle movements initiated by mouse movements will delight casual browsers.

4. Advent

Our fourth site was chosen on the basis of its inability to what users might expect from a law firm website. Advent’s site is certainly unique in how it presents itself with a creative font and a colour scheme more often found on the website of a design agency. Overall, the effect created maintains a very welcoming feel that may not necessarily be reflective of the corporate stereotype surrounding law firms.

5. Elephant-Groupe

Our fifth and final site this week is Elephant-Groupe. An excellent example of a blog page, the site is heavily image based, keeping it colourful and engaging. It’s linear layout ensures an easy user journey and an enjoyable user experience, with a clear and useful presentation of information.

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