I Remember, The Hobbit & More – Websites of the Week

I Remember

Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. I Remember

This week’s number one site is very special. Built to help combat Alzheimer’s Disease, I Remember is a truly innovative experience. Users engage and interact with the site by uploading their memories to living network of images. Subtly mirroring the disease, the website depends upon memories being uploaded, slowly fading away if memories are not regularly added. The site is not only a technical marvel, but an uplifting and pleasurable experience and a worthy winner of the StrategiQ Web Top 5.

2. Dom Perignon

Like it’s product, our number two site screams class. Understated, consistent imagery is key to the website’s success and aesthetic appeal, and yet it is the building block functionality with which users will navigate that is the true show stopper here. Users could definitely be forgiven for losing themselves in the animation of this page. A truly captivating experience, this is somewhat of a pinnacle of web design.

3. Case 3D

On another week, the Case 3D website would find itself at the top of the list, but this week must settle for third. A beautifully designed website, it is the innovative parallax that really brings the imagery to life, particularly on the site’s About Us page. Beautiful imagery throughout will continue to entice visitors to explore further, whilst the site’s enviable functionality will keep it audience enthralled long after their interest in the content has dwindled.

4. The Hobbit

Peter Jackson films have become somewhat of an industry standard for cinematography and this innovative site is a wonderful reflection of that. Making full use of the wealth of literary history at their disposal, Warner Bros have chosen to present the website as a map of Middle-Earth, from which users can explore specific areas and iconic moments from the films. The functionality and imagery of the site work in perfect harmony in a beautifully presented site.

5. Transformers Are Dangerous

Heavily influenced by the conspiracy theory movement, this website, set up to support Michael Bay’s summer blockbuster is an enjoyable addition to the Transformers franchise and as a marketing device is great fun. Soundclips of transformers sightings, mock news reports and a collection of downloadable posters provide visitors with a quirky, throwaway experience perfectly capturing the spirit of the franchise.

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