StrategiQ + 2 = 40 Marketing Experts

Poppy Mace and Kate Jaggers

Yes, it’s happened again – we’ve been on the hunt for more talented marketers to join the StrategiQ team, and found some absolute belters. This time around, it’s marketing executive Kate Jaggers and paid media executive Poppy Mace, which takes the StrategiQ family up to the grand milestone of 40 employees!

Let’s find out a bit more about our two most recent additions.

Kate started out with a keen interest in biology, completing a degree in anatomy and human biology at Liverpool University, where she even got to dissect real human cadavers (so she’s prepared for anything). From dissecting bodies at university, Kate then moved into an account management role, as you do, with a heavy focus on proptech solutions (also known as tech innovation for retail property). It was here that she developed an interest in marketing after spending time surrounded by it, but never being directly involved. And this initial experience spurred Kate to try it out for herself!

What does Kate do in her spare time?

A keen traveller, Kate studied abroad in Australia during her degree and has already visited New York, Seattle and Canada in 2019 alone! Her other top likes are KFC, the TV show Friends, and KFC. Yep, Kate is a huge fan of the finger-lickin’ good chicken, so much so that she once dressed up as a bargain bucket for a fancy dress party – with her friend going as the Colonel! On top of that, Kate’s love for the TV show Friends couldn’t BE any more intense. She knows literally every quote from the series, with Chandler being her favourite (whose isn’t??).


So, why did you choose to join us, Kate?

“I chose StrategiQ because of its success and reputation. I have been seeking a company that genuinely invests in its employees and will allow me to grow and progress alongside them – I have finally found what I am looking for! I am excited to be surrounded by colleagues with incredible passion and drive for everything that they do.”

Aww, we’re pleased to have you on board, Kate!

Next up, it’s paid media exec Poppy to the stand!

Poppy’s love for digital started during her degree in Film, Television and Digital Production at Royal Holloway, University of London. She started with the goal of getting into a career in television production but switched focus for her dissertation into the more digital side of production, discussing the influence of social media within celebrity culture. She had a wonderful time analysing 4,000 tweets for that dissertation (I can only imagine how tiring that was), but thankfully it helped her realise where her true interest laid – in digital marketing of course! She graduated with a first class honours degree and never looked back.

Poppy has now been in the digital marketing industry for 2 ½ years, working with some major brands such as Greater Anglia, Otis Elevator Co., Kate Somerville and Visit Suffolk. Over that time, she has applied herself to various specialisms including SEO, social media, PPC and email marketing, eventually discovering that her true love is paid media. Poppy enjoys the tactical, competitive art of PPC, deep-diving into performance reports and finding opportunities for clients, all while keeping costs low for perfect ROI.

What does Poppy do to give her brain a break?

With all those reports and stats and things to look at, Poppy does the polar opposite of looking at a spreadsheet in her spare time. A bubbly, family-orientated person, Poppy and her fiance “Farmer Dan” can often be found at family gatherings – some of which tip over 20 people in one go! If she’s not gathering with family, Poppy will likely be on the netball court or cuddling Stanley the naughty kitten. She’s also a huge fan of what she calls her Mastermind subject, the TV show Gavin and Stacey, and enjoys curling up to a rerun or two with “Farmer Dan”. So, if you’re ever wondering what’s occurin’ at Poppy’s house, it likely involves Gavlar and Stace, a cat named Stan and Farmer Dan. What a combo.


But why did you choose StrategiQ, Poppy?

“It’s been amazing to witness StrategiQ’s progression in the industry over the past couple of years. With a real focus in my career now, I knew that joining StrategiQ would give me the platform to really push my knowledge and passion for PPC. I’m extremely excited to see where my career takes me at StrategiQ!”

Thanks for joining us, Poppy!

We’re always so excited to welcome new talent to the team, and it’s always fascinating to see how people impact the business so positively. So welcome aboard, Kate & Poppy!

If you’re obsessed with a specific TV show (not mandatory) and fancy being the next person to have a blog written all about you, get in touch with us today or check out our current career opportunities.