StrategiQ MVP Award Ends in 3-Way Tie

3 min read by tom 11 Nov 2015


Every month, StrategiQ Marketing award one individual within our ever growing team, the monthly MVP award. MVP stands for Most Valuable Person, for an individual whose contribution has gone above and beyond their regular monthly role and duties and contributed to the StrategiQ brand in a substantial manner.

As the team continues to grow, competition for the MVP award has become ever more vigorous, with considerable pride at stake. This month, the tough competition was on show more than ever, making the voting and judging process a real challenge. So much so, that the close voting meant we could not simply award a single winner. As such, October’s MVP Award ended in a three-way tie.

Chris Powell

Firstly, a big congratulations to Chris Powell as the first winner in the three-way tie. Since joining the StrategiQ team in September, Chris’s work has been of an astonishingly high quality, both in design and development. His ownership of each project has underlined the CORE principles that everyone in the team is expected to adhere to as a basis for excellence. Chris has also set remarkable professional standards, frequently being first into the office, long before the rest of team every day. Well done Chris.

Eren Coli

Secondly, a big well done to Eren Coli. Picking up his first MVP award, Eren has worked tirelessly to provide an expert PPC service to his clients, seeing some impressive results and setting a consistently exceptional standard across a broad spectrum of industries. Eren’s considerable experience in pay-per-click advertising has also helped him to train other members of the team in PPC excellence, guaranteeing future success for our growing client base. Well done Eren.

Cassie Bendall

Finally, we are pleased to announce Digital Account Manager, Cassie Bendall as the final member of our trio of MVP winners. Cassie’s continued excellence in the field of social media has led to the medium becoming a vital piece of our integrated marketing approach. Cassie has also set high standards of account management, with frequent contact and meticulous organisation characterising the bespoke, integrated approach to marketing that we deliver to our clients. Well done Cassie.

StrategiQ Director, Andy Smith said, “ The MVP award is an important part of our culture, and to see such intense competition for the award makes me very proud of the organisation that we are, and how far we have come. I could make a case for everyone in the team given how committed everyone is month on month but it’s nice to recognise those that go above and beyond their day job for the clients and our brand.

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