StrategiQ CEO, Andy Smith, Joins the Board of Global Marketing Network, AMIN Worldwide

5 min read by Bonny Williams 26 Mar 2024

Andy Smith, CEO of StrategiQ, has been appointed to the board of AMIN Worldwide, a prestigious global marketing network. This announcement comes just seven months after StrategiQ’s induction as an agency partner.  Sitting toe to toe with other leaders renowned for their contribution to the industry representing all four corners of the globe – this appointment solidifies the pace of growth and recognition StrategiQ is gaining both in the UK and overseas. 

Andy Smith’s appointment to the board of AMIN Worldwide opens up a world of opportunities for StrategiQ, its clients, and its team. By joining forces with a global network known for its industry expertise, our team gains access to a wealth of international insights and best practices. This, in turn, enables us to elevate our strategic capabilities and deliver unparalleled value to our clients on a global scale. AMIN’s mantra is ‘Scale. Reach. Gravitas.’ Housing a ‘different kind of global network’ that gives its members the tools to forge their own path with the support of fifty allies spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

What does this mean for our team?

For our team at StrategiQ, Andy Smith’s involvement in the board of AMIN Worldwide signifies a new era of growth and professional development. It provides an avenue for collaboration with industry leaders from diverse backgrounds, working in internationally acclaimed agencies, and expanding our horizons. The exposure to global marketing approaches enriches our skill set and strengthens our position as leaders in marketing innovation, both locally and internationally.

What does this mean for our clients?

Existing and future StrategiQ clients are set to benefit immensely from StrategiQ’s, and Andy Smith’s affiliation with AMIN Worldwide. With his insights and contributions to global marketing strategies, we can offer our clients a unique advantage in navigating the complexities of the global marketplace. Clients can expect an even higher level of service that futureproofs their competitive edge in an increasingly interconnected world.

Revelling in this new opportunity, Andy Smith said, “Joining the board of AMIN Worldwide presents an incredible opportunity to shape the future of marketing on a global scale, during a period of significant change and advancements with the rise of AI. It’s a great chance to inject some of our unique energy into global marketing approaches and is a testament to how far StrategiQ has come in just ten years: I’m proud of the growth and recognition we’ve achieved both in the UK and overseas. I look forward to collaborating with industry leaders from around the world, learning from, and inspiring others to be exceptional marketers.”

AMIN Worldwide highlighted the valuable perspective and expertise they expect Andy to bring to the board. They emphasised the importance of diverse representation from leaders across the globe and expressed confidence in Andy’s ability to contribute meaningfully to the network’s mission of delivering and building growth and gravitas, and excellence in marketing worldwide.

What’s next for StrategiQ and AMIN?

AMIN has ambitious growth plans of its own, looking to increase its reach and scale in the next twelve months, and Andy’s approach and input will be integral to the next phase of its growth.  In September of last year, Andy presented his views and approach to ‘Strategy’, and an overview of StrategiQ, pricking ears and turning heads. His appointment follows a continued effort to shape and drive the network forward since joining as a partner. 

Andy has also just spoken at March’s AMIN Worldwide Biz Dev conference in Lisbon, where he headlined an esteemed program with a session on ‘growth mindset’, in a bid to inspire other agency owners to apply their ambition with a well-considered strategy and aspirational mentality. 

The future of this partnership is bright, and further positions StrategiQ on the map as a global marketing influence, gaining gravitas, increasing our reach, and supporting us as we continue to scale.

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