Spoiler Alert…. Mike Won MVP

6 min read by Charles Craik 11 Aug 2022

It’s August! What happened to July? We’re really starting to speed through a busy year, and as we all know, a new month means new clients, new faces and new team members crowned as MVP.

If you’ve not had the opportunity to read one of these blogs before, or it’s been some time since you last checked one out, here’s a little reminder of what being an MVP is all about…

Our MVP (Most Valuable Player) award is given out every month to whoever in the team has won the hearts and minds of their colleagues by going above and beyond the day job, resulting in a majority vote from team members. When someone wins MVP, they get their own fun blog (which is where you are now of course) and a day off, known as the Duvet Day, as well as dinner out on the company to say well done and thank you for their effort.

Now we’re all up to speed with what’s going on, let’s have a read of some of this month’s brilliant nominations from the team.

“My vote this month has undoubtedly got to go to Jenny. Time has flown by since she started, and it goes without saying she is well and truly living up to her expertise as a content specialist, often going over and beyond to keep her clients happy and ensuring the team is kept up to date with next steps. She has taken every challenge in her stride, her project management is certainly to be commended and is truly reflective of the impact Jenny is having on a day-to-day basis. Thank you for your hard work Jenny, keep doing what you do :)”

“I will vote for Lauren every month until she becomes MVP because if anyone deserves a duvet day, it’s her!! There’s a reason CX is starting to underpin everything we do here at StrategiQ – Lauren’s expertise and passion is truly incredible and inspiring. Alongside this, although Lauren is super busy, she continues to be a great mentor and always manages to make time for anyone that needs her. You’re killing it, Lauren.”

“I’m voting for Nathan this month, who has come on incredibly well since moving across to the Paid Team. His initiative, thought and planning has allowed him to really grow as a marketeer and become confident in his ability to deliver results. He’s putting in great work across multiple accounts, taking on new tasks and starting to put insight to paid performance. What a great month Nathan, keep it up mate.”

“Phill deserves a day off and an MVP purely for how well he manages the SEO team. He’s approachable, realistic, helpful, supportive and protective, and makes us all feel valued for the work we do. Phill has taken huge strides in the last few months with leadership and I think sometimes he’s easily missed because of his Midlands home, but he has had a huge impact on the SEO team and he’s certainly a critical part of the whole team. He’s also a good laugh so what more could you ask for?!”

Everyone’s been going for it this month and really bringing out the big guns when it comes to going above and beyond – which isn’t unusual at StrategiQ! However, one person has shone particularly brightly in July…

Our winner, with a landslide number of votes this month, is incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and always makes you feel comfortable when in the spotlight. Surely you’ve worked it out – our MVP for July is none other than Videographer, Mike Wilson!

Here’s what the team had to say about Mike… (Spoilers have been redacted)

“This month my nomination has to go to Mike. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the [Spoiler Alert] video. Mike previously showed us the storyboards for the video in a production presentation, and the final results look incredible. The varied & complex transitions work beautifully. Great month Mike!”

“Two words; [Spoiler Alert]. The video Mike and Keiran produced was just a fantastic piece and a great achievement of what we can accomplish. We’re so lucky to have such talented editors and I’m so excited to see what comes next!”

“This is a joint nomination for Mike and Sam for that awesome [Spoiler Alert] video. I have watched many of those videos over the last 12 months and no other video even comes close. The creativity really blew me away. Mike and Sam = dream team!”

“Mike deserves a duvet day this month. He really has gone above and beyond for the [Spoiler Alert] video, it looks incredible, and I can’t wait to see the final edit. He’s really innovated and taught himself a lot, to see his super ambitious and creative vision come to life. Seeing all his ideas and technical skill come together has been a privilege to watch. Great work Mike, keep it going!”

“Mike is just all-round awesome; the consummate professional. Seeing how the [Spoiler Alert] video has been developed from a set of ideas to a digital planning board to the full video is just incredible – it is a massive achievement and a thing of beauty. The seamless transitions and overall storytelling is incredible. Mike definitely deserves a day off after all that.”

Trust me, that video is worth the wait!

Congratulations Mike, we can’t wait to share your amazing work with the world and we all hope you enjoy your duvet day and dinner on us.

Wanna join the team and find out what on earth Mike made before the rest of the world? Get in touch to drop us your CV or check out our careers page.

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