Why Should You Be Social Advertising?

Social Advertising

In modern marketing, social media has become an important weapon in the armoury of digital marketers. Both in terms of brand building and for more typical digital techniques, it has never been more key for brands to consider social media as a key part of a strategy.

Social media forms an important way of sharing your company’s message and providing a platform for communicating with your professional network and potential customers. Of course, this is only possible when you have that audience readily available and the best way to find that audience is through social advertising.


Fast becoming the key platform of social for an infinite number of industry’s, Twitter advertising is a key method of building an audience and allows you to target your desired audience based on the followers of external accounts. Essentially this means you can target followers of competitors or important influencers in your industries, ensuring that your audience remains relevant and useful. The key point is that 200 engaged and interested followers are more useful than 10,000 random followers with no interest in your product.

NOTE: Be very clear on your call to action in your promoted tweets and also be sure to offer a service and a reason for people to follow your page.


Facebook is important as the most popular social platform in the world, offering you an audience of over 1 billion people to target. Allowing you to identify the precise subjects that you want your audience to be interested in, eventually encouraging great engagement, which is essentially your goal from an early stage.

NOTE: Think carefully about which keywords you want to target and be clear. A more defined audience will offer less quantity but will generate higher quality followers.

Social advertising should form a key point in your strategy for building your social media following and each of these platforms offers the technical scope to do so.

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