Saint Nick Wins MVP (Too Early for Christmas Puns?)

4 min read by Charles Craik 9 Nov 2017


It’s the start of a new month, which means only one thing… The team has been thinking hard about candidates for the coveted MVP award for October.

October was a particularly busy month, so it’s been Thunderbirds Go! with lots to do and lots to look forward to. We rounded off the month with a scary movie night on Halloween (which ended up being more of a giggle than a scream-fest), complete with pumpkin carving, but sadly no apple bobbing. We also ventured out to Scaresville for some team bonding, in the dark, with the killer clowns… All in all, October was a great month for the team and our clients, and we’ve even had a couple of new faces join us.

Back to the matter in hand…

Once again, the MVP votes were spread fairly evenly amongst the team, and mostly centred around dedication, attitude, quality of work produced and results achieved.

Here are some of our favourite nominations…

“I’m torn between 3 team members this month. Dan stands out for the talk he gave at the inaugural Manyminds “Give it a Go” conference – it was very well received by an audience of industry peers and has resulted in some useful new connections.

Nick has grabbed hold of our evolving marketing delivery plan and is really advancing the way we develop and manage client strategies, making all of our jobs a little easier from a bigger picture perspective.

Amy has come within a hair’s breadth of winning MVP on several occasions, and for me, she’s a prime example of the team’s commitment to going all out to make our clients happy and achieve the best results. You can give anything to Amy and she’ll roll her sleeves up and get it done – definitely deserves some recognition.”

“I would like to nominate Rich this month. Whilst juggling plenty of projects, he has found the time to develop, refine and put into motion a new creative process, which will have a hugely positive impact on our service delivery, I’m sure.

If that isn’t enough, Rich is always finding inspiration for the team, whether it be planning trips to exhibitions, sharing articles or recommending TV programmes. And let’s not forget the film nights – although he’s 2 for 2 in picking some of the dullest stories ever committed to celluloid!”

Honorable mentions…

“Luke has settled in really well and already feels like part of the furniture. He’s grasped the way we do things and is definitely delivering to the StrategiQ standard.”

“You can see how much Levi cares about the work she’s doing and she’s continually striving to get the best out of her campaigns, which is great to see.”

However, there can only be one winner.

October highlighted the hard work of one individual in particular. Nick’s dedication, organisation and willingness to help and share his knowledge, all while balancing a heavy workload and delivering to a high standard, has once again earned him the MVP title, and it’s richly deserved!

“My nomination goes to Nick. Over the past month, I’ve seen a highly organised and dedicated individual who has perfectly balanced his client work, R&D and team management. His cool, calm demeanour means the pace he’s working at can go unnoticed, but having worked closely with him this month, I’ve seen first hand how his ‘above and beyond’ approach carries through in his work, relationship with clients and collaboration with the rest of the team. Nick’s role model behaviour has really shone through to me this month.”

So there we have it,  our very own Saint Nicholas, minus the red suit and beard, of course. Nick is rewarded with a duvet day – for some early Christmas shopping perhaps? – and a meal out on the company. Congrats, Nick!

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