Phill-ed to the Brim With Expertise

4 min read by Levi Clucas 17 Dec 2020

Phill P

It’s our final welcome of a huge bunch in 2020, and what a fine one it is! This time, we’re bringing on-board a very warm-welcomed addition to the SEO team at StrategiQ, Senior Technical SEO Consultant, Phillip Pratt!

Let’s find out a little bit more about Phill!

Phill’s been working in SEO for around 8 years. He started out with a lucky find whilst gathering up funds to continue travelling around Australia, getting his first bit of experience in SEO. He returned back to the UK and continued his path to SEO enlightenment, working agency-side and moving up the ladder at light-speed.


In 2016, Phill made the decision to really test his skills and move to London, where he got a job in the biggest SEO team in the country, where he had the opportunity to work on some huge household brands, including Honda, Kelloggs and Expedia. It’s this experience that has made him the rounded, knowledgeable SEO he is today.

But what do you do outside of work, Phill?

A huge sports fan, Phill loves to watch live and play pretty much any sport, including football, NFL and even skiing! When he’s not watching or partaking in the world of sport, he loves to travel (you never would have guessed) and has been to 5 out of 7 continents, with only South America and Antarctica to go.

With travel restrictions in 2020 slowing down his plans for conquering the planet, Phill has instead focussed his time on raising his new best friend – his puppy, Chuck! I can confirm, this is indeed a tiny fuzzy cloud with feet.

chuck the dog

Chuck and Phill love to go for long walks in the countryside, enjoying the scenery that the midlands has to offer while elsewhere is otherwise occupied. Phill also likes to spend a bit of time each day learning and developing his skills, and not just in SEO – and has recently been taking part in the #100daysofcode challenge in Python, a coding language.

So now we know all about Phill, we want to know why he chose to join us!

“Now felt like the right time to return to my midlands roots and I’m really excited to see what the future holds growing with StrategiQ. I love the idea of being able to make SEO changes quickly, with access to client sites, working with an integrated dev team in-house so there’s no bottlenecks and work has an impact sooner. I like being part of one team that does it all – working closely with other search channels that stop me being pigeonholed into one specialism. Being in this kind of team allows for the development and learning across so many channels and doesn’t limit me to one thing. Plus, the tools that StrategiQ have built-in things like Spark and G.Trends, and the internal operational tools are impressive and I wanted to be part of that industry-leading experience.”

Welcome to the fam, Phill!

If you think StrategiQ sounds like the place for you, or you just wanna know more about us, take a look at our career opportunities or get in touch.

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