Want to ‘hearsum’ reasons why Oli is our MVP this month?

8 min read by Charles Craik 8 Oct 2021

It’s finally spooky season! It’s October, so it’s time to wake up Green Day and prepare for falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and darker evenings as we start to wind down into the cooler months. Of course, with the start of a new month, there comes a new MVP and the start of the spooky month is no different.

September has been a cracking month for StrategiQ – with some new faces joining the team, a few colleagues becoming accomplished BrightonSEO speakers, some amazing Gold accreditations from the Best Employers Eastern Region and some awesome awards ceremonies.

Without any further ado, let’s take a read of some of September’s MVP nominations…

“This month my nomination goes to Tom. Tom’s attention to detail is second to none. Whether it’s quoting upcoming projects to ensure that everything has been covered, or to ensuring that everyone in the dev team is on top of everything and making improvements. He’s always on hand to anyone who has a question, as well as somehow getting all of his tasks done. Give this man a duvet day!”

“It was a hard choice this month to decide who gets my vote, but it has to go to Lauren. She’s has put an extraordinary effort into her specialism recently with not only bringing together the maturity model but also more recently setting up the GDPR training for the team. She has gone above and beyond in her role whilst always bringing a positive attitude and sense of focus. She truly represents the values of StrategiQ which is why she deserves MVP.”

Grab a cuppa and sit down for this one, it’s a long one…

“It took a little while to find someone who has stood out for me this month. There were so many good presentations on the strategy days and with a fresh boost of inspiration from those days too, people have really stepped up their game that’s for sure. One person has really impressed me this month though – Daisy – Her positive attitude, focus and resilience is clear and no matter what’s thrown her way she works to find a solution, learning a new skill or taking the feedback on board to be better next time.

Daisy’s worked with the performance team to bring their expertise into the new style of mega deck and continues to own that. She’s been working out of hours to improve the execution of her logo design for Wavensmere (the ideation and concepts were brilliant by the way) – But to ensure the project stayed on track and the work was done on time, she got it done! No hint at asking for anything to be pushed back. She’s now supporting on the new master deck – A tough task, but something that Daisy has grabbed hold of, learning from and really going out of her way to get complete on a tight deadline.

Daisy has worked extremely hard this month being ambitious in her training and design work, caring about the deadline commitments she makes, becoming expert and tracking a lot of training consistently. All while making sure she delivers her work on time. It needed to be recognised. Awesome work Daisy – All the above shows an attitude that will be successful here at StrategiQ, keep up the great work going above and beyond.”

And here’s one that’s completely the opposite (but of course just as meaningful):

“My nomination this month goes to Levi for presenting at BrightonSEO. Great job Levi, you deserve a duvet day!”

Thanks, whoever you are!

And finally…

“This month I’m nominating Dafydd! Dafydd has made a huge impact this year let alone this month. He is always willing to lend an ear to anyone in the team, but more specifically I think his support of the marketing team has made a huge difference not only to people’s confidence in client delivery, but also their own personal goals / objectives. Always calm, cool and collected, he directs a number of large, key accounts on top of everything else, and how could we forget the framework?? Seeing this come to life at the Strategy Day was really great – and a testament to all of his hard work. Dafydd certainly deserves a duvet day, or more likely a day spent with his family and dog.”

So who won?!

Well, I bet you’re chomping at the bit to find out who actually won. If you’ve not read the title, that is. But we don’t talk about it.

This month’s winner is someone who has really excelled themselves in the last few months, taking on a new role, stepping up in the absence of resources and taking their career to the next level. September’s MVP took on a huge challenge – speaking at the first major search conference since 2019, ticking off a big career goal and continuing their everyday work to high standard.

You’ve probably worked it out by now… Our September MVP is Senior Search & Content Strategist, Oli Hearsum!


Let’s find out why Oli topped the charts for MVP votes this month.

“Get in the line for the signature of our very own world-famous SEO specialist, Oli Hearsum! Levi cannot be forgotten too – and if we could pick two then she’d be right up there – but sadly I have to pick one. Giving a talk at a major conference is hugely inspirational for the rest of us; the expertise to be able to create a genuinely unique and valuable presentation, the forethought to offer to give one, and finally, the balls to go ahead with it, we salute you!”

“What an incredible month, it’s been a long time since we’ve had so many high profile website launches in such quick succession so a massive well done to all teams. With that said, my MVP this was a very tough decision between both Oli and Levi for both properly ticking off bucket list items, fighting their fears and presenting two amazing presentations at Brighton SEO. However sadly I can only pick one so my MVP for September and that goes to Oli, great work!”

“Oli stepped completely out of his comfort zone this month to present at Brighton and he was awesome. it must have taken a lot of guts, sweat and preparation and it is something he could have put off until next year. But he didn’t, he stepped up and got it done. Well done Oli”

“This month’s vote for MVP was a tricky one. With Oli and Levi talking at BrightonSEO, they both have shown that nothing is impossible and that any goal can be achieved, which is a great inspiration! Amazing job both of you! My vote for MVP this month has to go to Oli! Watching the run through of his presentation before BrightonSEO and seeing him deliver it with confidence and humour was brilliant. He definitely deserves a duvet day!”

“Oli has had a cracking month. In particular, I was blown away by his SEO presentation which was informative, relatable and peppered with the just right amount of humour. I was engaged from start to finish. He’s pushed himself out of his comfort zone and whilst he might still feel like he’s settling in to his new found fame (following the footsteps of our very own Levi) to the rest of us, there is no doubt that Oli is a complete natural who is clearly an expert in his field and passionate in what he talks about. Along with Levi, he’s advocating not only the work they do but the StrategiQ brand and raising awareness. For facing your fears and doing it anyway – and with some serious style, it’s a “drop the mic” vote for Oli.”

Congrats Oli, enjoy your duvet day and dinner out on us!!

Wanna win an MVP? You gotta join em’ to beat em’! Take a look at our careers page or just get in touch if you think you could be winning a StrategiQ MVP someday.

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