New hire! Richard Podd

7 min read by Charles Craik 7 Jun 2023

Our development team is going from strength to strength this year as we welcome yet another new face to the crew.

Richard Podd comes to us with an incredible range of skills under his belt and a wealth of work experience to bring to the StrategiQ team. Find out why we’re ‘stoked’ to meet him below!

Tell us a little bit about your background

I originally studied graphic design at Falmouth University, but actually didn’t end up pursuing it after I graduated, and ended up in real estate instead. I did try going traveling for a while, but wasn’t a fan of the hostels – I’d prefer to skip the backpackers version and go back with more of a budget next time!

While working in real estate, I started helping the company with a bit of tech support, optimising some of their databases and making improvements on their website.

From there, I went into operations management where I was heading up quite a large team across India and the UK. After spending a few years in different roles and sectors, I retrained and found my way back to web development; joining an agency and brushing up on my skills for the next four years before moving on again to an in-house role. So – it’s safe to say that I have a fair bit of experience! I’ve worked in project management, people management, development and design, and I now feel like I’ve firmly landed on development as the direction I’d like to take, as that’s what I enjoy the most.

What’s been one of your career highlights so far?

Landing my first job at an agency was a major highlight for me as it really vindicated the career choice I’d made.

In terms of projects specifically, I’d say the one I’m most proud of is building the Stokes Sauces website at my last agency. I was the lead developer on the site and really enjoyed the creative side of that project, and felt there was something special about working for a local brand that had done so well for itself. I got to visit Stokes’ farm and meet all of their animals, and I also came away with a bunch of free sauces. While this wasn’t strictly part of the creative process, it certainly went down well with the team!

Why the move to StrategiQ?

I wanted to return to working in an agency, and I wanted it to be a renowned company. I’d seen a lot of StrategiQ’s activity being posted on social media, and I really felt that the agency upheld many of the values I care about; like taking care of employee wellbeing and nurturing a positive culture. I really aimed very specifically for StrategiQ, so I was thrilled when I landed the job.

What’s your work-related superpower?

I’d say I’m particularly good at taking complex information and transforming it into something simple. I can reduce a problem down to its core components and communicate them in a way that everyone can understand. This is particularly useful in development projects as I can take something really technical and find the best way of explaining it to the required audience, whether it’s the client themselves or someone else in the agency.

How are you feeling about the switch to agency-side?

I very intentionally sought an opportunity within an agency as I’ve found that this environment suits me best.

I find that agency life is generally more vibrant in terms of the people, the work is more varied, and I work better when there’s a sense of urgency. I feel that people are more ‘fired up’ and engaged in an agency, and I really thrive off the sense of enthusiasm among the team.

What’s the best way to approach you?

For me, it’s always about the details. If you’re going to come to me with a question or task, give me as much information and as much detail as possible, so I can solve the problem more quickly and figure out what you need.

Describe your perfect day off

I’d get up fairly early and get outside for a walk, hike or run across some sort of scenic terrain. I’d follow this with a large meal – more is better – and then I’d have all of my productive tasks ticked off by mid-afternoon so I could just play video games and chill out for the rest of the day without feeling guilty.

Well – there you have it! We can’t wait to see what Richard brings to the StrategiQ team.

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