New hire! Jordan McKenzie

5 min read by Charles Craik 15 Feb 2023

Jordan Mckenzie

We’ve been fortunate to welcome some incredible new talent to the team over the last few months, and it’s time for yet another introduction! This time, we’re introducing you to Thai food-loving, SEO-innovating, self-confessed gaming geek, Jordan McKenzie.

With 4+ years of experience as an SEO in the e-commerce and HR tech industries, Jordan’s core skills are SEO-based, however, with a background in English literature he also enjoys being involved in content creation and challenging himself to loves finding unique ways of solving common problems.

So, tell us how it all started…

My journey into marketing started as a graduate content writer in the e-commerce industry, as that’s what I initially thought I wanted to do. While in my first role, after being introduced to an SEO manager, I was intrigued by the sheer depth and amount of possibilities that SEO can offer. I then moved on to an HR/tech company where I was able to dip my toe into project management, PPC, SEO strategy, content creation and client management.

Why the move to StrategiQ?

First and foremost, I was attracted to the culture here. I loved how my interview focused more on my personality and how I’d fit into the team, rather than trying to fit my experience to a rigid criteria.

I’d also been feeling like I wanted more variety within my role, both in what I was doing day-to-day and in terms of the clients I was working with. I knew StrategiQ would offer me that, as well as plenty of opportunities for training and development, which is something I really value.

What are you most looking forward to in your StrategiQ career?

I’m looking forward to becoming an influential factor in our clients’ journeys and knowing I’ve played a part in the success of their businesses. I also feel like there’s more structure and processes in place here at StrategiQ which is going to help me perform better and push me further in my own career.

What’s your work-related superpower?

I’d say mine would be ironing out all the small details; I’m good at picking up on things which may have been overlooked by other people and analysing things with really sharp precision.

What can people use to break the ice?

I’m always interested in travel conversations and love asking people where they’ve gone and what sort of travel experiences they’ve had. I’ve travelled a lot myself and have seen a lot of Asia and the Caribbean. The next stops on my wishlist are Australia and North America.

What is the best way to approach you?

In general, I’d say just be direct – I’m approachable and friendly, and anyone can come to me with anything, even if it seems like I don’t have the time. I work best when you tell me exactly what you want or need from me, whether it’s personal or professional. I’m always open to hearing what people have to say and I’m really looking forward to getting to know the team better.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join Jordan or any of our other growing departments then please get in touch or check out our careers page for our current vacancies.

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