Mobile First – The Future For Design

Mobile First

Attending SearchLove last week, the StrategiQ team were the welcome recipients of a number of industry changing talks. One of the key talks presented by Will Critchlow was “The Threat of Mobile”, exploring the growing and future importance of mobile devices and how they will define the world of digital in the years to come.

Marketing is Mobile

The key concept to understand is that mobile is now the key method by which we experience the web and this is reflected through a plethora of activities. Whether it is accessing and sharing video content, reading emails, social networking or simply general browsing, the ease associated with smartphones and tablets has without a doubt led to a transitional and departure from the use of desktop devices. The evidence of this is fast becoming indisputable with usage on desktop devices suffering a significant decline in the past two years.

Screenshot at Nov 10 15-28-19

The data is clear in displaying how mobile has developed as the key outlet for our online habits, and proves that digital marketing needs to adopt a mobile first attitude to producing design work and content. Existing attitudes within the industry have proved damaging to the production of content and design, with work produced for desktop platforms proving inadequate on mobile.

As an example, this piece created for The New York Times, looked great on desktop.

Screenshot at Nov 10 15-47-23


However on mobile, its appearance was far less appealing.

Screenshot at Nov 10 15-48-51


Content creators and developers shouldn’t assume that simply making content responsive guarantees a solution.

What You Need to Know

  • The mobile generation is here – 2014 will see mobile cannibalise desktop as our primary method of search.
  • Think mobile first – From now, designers and content creators should be thinking mobile first to reflect the change in habits.
  • Don’t count on responsive – As proven by our example, responsive content isn’t the quick fix answer for mobile content. Design for both.
  • Shareability – The induction of mobile content is decisive in how we share content. The ease of mobile has seen the share function evolve, so that should always be considered. Make content people will want to share.

It’s a fairly simple message, mobile is here, lets start thinking MOBILE FIRST.

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