Maximum Effort from March’s MVP

8 min read by Charles Craik 6 Apr 2022

Welcome to April, the month of rainy days (apparently also now snow and heatwaves, thanks, global warming), multiple religious celebrations like Easter and Ramadan, and also, of course, new MVPs.

March has been a fabulous month for StrategiQ. We announced our partnership with Klaviyo, planned our roadmap for the sunset of Google’s Universal Analytics in preparation of the GA4 rollout, and did some blooming awesome work.

As we do at the start of every month, we also crowned a new winner of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. Before we announce the winner, we’ll have a read of some of our favourite nominations for the team.

“I’d like to give an honourable mention to Ben, who has taken everything by the horns and really gotten stuck in as much as possible – what a great addition to the team! I’d also like to shout out Nathan, who continues to have happy clients, a passionate attitude towards his work and genuinely just wants his clients and his team to succeed.

However, my nomination this month goes to Immie. She continues to impress me with her work ethic, dedication, her attention to detail, and meticulous perfectionism which means the work she produces is to the best of her ability every time. She is incredibly passionate about SEO and becomes a real knowledge sponge the second she has an opportunity to learn something new, and in the last month has produced some really impressive work, some of which have been the first attempt! Immie has continued to grow over the last few months and I can’t wait to see what an amazing marketer she’s going to become.”

“Lauren is my vote for MVP this month! Lauren consistently goes above and beyond to please clients and help everyone at StrategiQ but does so in such a calm fashion. She works tirelessly to get the job done handling many clients whilst continuing to elevate her expertise. Not only this but the training plans she has put in place to help the execs are brilliant where you can see her passion for training others. Amazing work Lauren, keep it up!”

“This month was so close between two very worthy winners. If I could have voted for both, I really would have done. Lauren O is such a superstar in all that she does. Incredibly hard working and always on her ‘A’ game, she is nothing short of brilliant. I was blown away with her marketing standup presentation on the extensive email processes she has put into place for so many of our clients. The segmentation, the mapping and sheer attention to detail is mind blowing and I am super impressed. The high impact Lauren is having within email and bringing the user experience into the CRM service line is at such a high level. The results we are seeing for our clients speak for themselves. You can forget moving the needle… this lady is moving mountains!

However, this month Josh C has to get my vote. Similarly to Lauren, Josh is nothing short of brilliant and it amazes me the level of expertise he brings to the table. His presentation and follow-up notes on the Performance Monthership was bloomin’ awesome and the level of work that has gone into producing it and the granularity that we can achieve and monitor is a game-changer for us as a business and respectively, for each of our clients. With a jam-packed planner, Josh is always supportive and accommodates a question, a query or help for someone who needs some data-led advice and has also supported recently with training. He’s incredibly helpful and always wants to help. If that wasn’t enough, within a day of the announcement that the world as we know it was going to end in July 2023 (or GA for those not in the know) Josh had already outlined an overview roadmap as to how we were going to resolve future issues, so that we can forewarn and reassure our clients that we have a plan….oh and he wrote a blog outlining the changes too!! Josh, you’ve had a monster March and in my opinion are an incredibly worthy winner of a duvet day!”

“Charlie has been a machine this year already. I have been really impressed by his leadership, although his team continues to grow they are really performing. I see this when I ask for support and need this expertise and their general attitude in the office. He has also been selling new work to standard left right and centre. Keep up the great work Charlie!”

“I think Daisy is a breath of fresh air, always so willing to help and collaborate with tasks. I think she has really come on as a designer and shows her passion in her work. This months nomination was a hard one as had a couple of other team members in my mind but felt Daisy deserves this as has been putting in 100% effort into everything she does and is a real pleasure to work with. Well done Daisy, great work!”

What a lovely bunch of nominations. It never gets old reading all the amazing things the team has been up to, and how much we all appreciate the hard work that goes into our everyday work.

Now we’re all warmed up with some lovely gushy nominations, let’s find out who won!

There was a clear winner for MVP this month. Our winner is thoughtful, creative, innovative, cool under pressure and a general pleasure to hang out and work with. This month’s MVP is none other than Designer Max Buch!

Having not been in the business very long, he’s already wowed us with his passion, skill and out-of-the-box thinking. Let’s read some of Max’s nominations…

“Max has revolutionised the way both the design and development team work thanks to his incredible work on the new starting base template. Assisted by two particularly rugged and handsomely bearded developers, it will make everyone’s lives so much better both from a client perspective, but importantly, internally too. So much more compact and professional looking, great work Max!”

“Max has demonstrated world-class digital design, from concept and brand through to web UX and messaging to start to bring brands to life. Max has been methodical, patient and creative throughout the whole process, culminating in confident client-facing communications and one of the most stunning brand manifestos I have ever seen. Congratulations, Max.”

“Max has really been smashing it recently and deserves this month’s MVP! The thought process, care, attention to detail, and output of his work is fantastic. He’s a pleasure to work with and is always on hand to support when needed. The brand piece and website design for his latest project, along with the work he’s been doing alongside the development team for the new base theme improvements really showcases Max’s talents. Well done Max, keep it up!!”

“This month my nomination goes to Max! I’ve been seeing some great work from him over the past month. Over his shoulder I’ve seen some great visuals and branding work for. Always keen to ask questions and collaborate – he’s been smashing out the park since joining. Keep it going Max!”

“Well March seemed to fly by there! With that said my MVP for the month of March goes to Max. Whilst I’ve not worked with Max closely with many projects I’ve been massively impressed with the leaps and bounds we’ve accomplished as a production team since his joining the team. From the complete re-working of the design team’s website system, the new base theme design (coming to a screen near you soon) to what I’ve seen of his latest project, Max has really stuck out to me as a member of the team who really pushed the boundaries in March, go Max!”


Congratulations Max, we hope you enjoy your dinner out and duvet day on the company!

Wanna win your very own MVP, or hang out with the cool marketers that have already? Get in touch with us or check out our careers section to see if you’d like to join the team. We’re always looking for passionate people, you might be the next one!

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