March’s Most Valuable Person

7 min read by Jasmine Gilbert 3 Apr 2024

Three months down the road, we can hardly believe we’re a quarter of the way through 2024 already! With the warmer weather on the way and spring finally upon us, it’s time to celebrate our March MVP.

The honour of MVP is a monthly tradition at StrategiQ to recognise the hard work that goes on behind the scenes for projects and the dedicated employees who are driving them.

As Sarah, our Chief People Officer likes to say each time it comes around: “There’s a lovely spread of nominations this month…”

And it’s true! Even with an earlier finish to the week as the team settled down for the long Easter weekend, we saw floods of wonderful nominations come in for colleagues across the team.

Time to dive into the results: 

It’s never easy to single out one person to nominate – and this month was no different with a close third place shared by two fantastic team members.

A massive congratulations to Ashley Thrower and Sam Burrows –  thank you for showing your unwavering dedication and hard work throughout March.

Creative Director, Ashley Thrower

“I am going to keep voting for this guy until he gets a well-deserved duvet day. The impact you are having is huge. For those who work with Ash on projects, trust me, we have never had a guy better suited for leading projects in this business. He is managing the quality, budgets and client experience to another level.”

Senior UX Designer, Sam Burrows

“I think Sam deserves MVP this month, For all the amazing work that has been put into the Ciklum project and the way that he is advancing how the creative team use AI every day. He is always in demand and he always makes it work! True MVP material!”

Our runner-up for this month has nailed brief after brief, delivering creativity and quality on all fronts. Congratulations to our Designer, Max Buch!

“Shout out to Max for a strong month in March. From the (confidential client name!) pitch, to the Hughes PR creative, to getting MapAll designs signed off swiftly, Max has pushed himself and dedicated himself to making sure he delivered creativity and quality every time – staying calm and collected against some tight deadlines, while also being a great team player.”

“Constantly impressed by Max and this month. I think he’s had an especially good month. I was most impressed with the awesome AI work on the Hughes Summer of Sport graphics (if not a bit jealous I hadn’t thought of that idea). Continue the great work, Max, you’re inspiring the rest of us!”

Finally, our incredible MVP winner for March has been leading the launch on projects far and wide, all while inspiring us as she trains tirelessly to take on marathons. Congratulations to our superstar Project Manager, Grace Randall!

“Ambition and persistence will get you to a place you didn’t think you were capable of. In Grace’s case, it’s allowing her to direct and influence projects in ways she wasn’t able to 6 months ago. Her drive and resilience is unlocking a newfound confidence to control client comms and positively impact projects commercially. Beyond that, it’s fantastic to see someone grow and have a wider impact on the running of projects and production. Keep working hard and pushing through the tougher moments Grace, it’s paying off!”

“This month my nomination goes to Grace. This girl just does not stop. She’s absolutely killing it with her ability to keep project teams on track, and clients under control, all whilst holding a cool and collected manner. The delivery of a major client’s website was a mammoth task and one that I don’t think would have been achievable without her.  Plus, if this wasn’t enough, she is smashing it with her marathon training.”

“This month I’d like to vote for Grace as MVP. Grace is on a journey with project management and you can just see her improvement month-on-month. She’s calmly managing some of our larger web projects with the likes of Lovat Parks, keeping lots of plates spinning but most importantly keeping on top of everything and going about it all with a smile on her face. Well done, Grace – you deserve a duvet day!”

A huge congratulations to everyone who was nominated this month and hats off to our MVP winner, Grace!  Enjoy your day off and a meal on the company!

Do you have what it takes to become a StrategiQ MVP? Take a look at our current vacancies if you’re ready for a limitless career in a growth-focused team.

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