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2 min read by Charles Craik 7 Apr 2015

Link Building

As SEO becomes an ever more important service in the world of marketing, and the industry continues to become more au fait with the world of search engine optimisation, our understanding of what makes a website rank is ever improving. However, all SEO, no matter how advanced begins with the bread and butter; the onsite SEO standards and the links into the website.

A session with SEO industry leader, Paddy Moogan, led me to think in a more detailed manner about what constitutes good link building and how to approach great content outreach. Many agencies and in house marketing teams will build an outreach network based on the general positioning of their business within their marketplace. For example, a book publisher may have a large list of general publishing related blogs, with which to outreach content.

As a starting point, this seems like a logical strategy, and may work most of the time, but it does prove that marketers are not thinking in detail enough about their specific piece of content. It stands to reason that one list of contacts will not necessarily cater for all pieces of content outreach, as such, marketers should be building outreach lists for each individual piece of content rather than an overarching, fix all database for a specific client.

This method stems from the one question that content writers should ask themselves before even starting any blog or piece of content; who cares? Essentially, if a blog isn’t interesting enough for someone to read, it certainly won’t be interesting enough to share onto a blog or website. In thinking about who cares, you will also answer the question as to who will share the content, making the process far easier and more accurate.

By approaching each piece of content with greater attention to detail surrounding the specific piece, instead of thinking broadly in a fix all manner, your link strategy will be infinitely improved.

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