And July’s MVP is… Becky!

4 min read by Charles Craik 4 Aug 2017

Becky MVP

Seriously, where did August creep up from? Although you’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve bypassed summer completely and leapt straight into October the way the weather’s panning out at the moment.

Climate complaints aside, August means it’s time to announce the result of our Most Valuable Player competition for July.

So, who was in the running?

The vote was fairly evenly split this month, with 8 team members all making a very strong case for consideration.

Simon led the way with 3 nominations…

The MVP bit here isn’t the fact that his quality of work is consistently high or that he’s conscientious and works hard, but, and it’s been mentioned before, it’s hard to do justice to the amount of work he does out of hours. It’s really motivating to work alongside someone who finds genuine pleasure in what they do.”

“Simon has managed multiple projects this month, whilst also supporting the wider team with small tasks as they’ve arisen. He’s proactive and works incredibly hard to achieve his deadlines, into the weekend and evening hours, always retaining a smile and positivity. He’s always willing to go the extra mile and is a real role model to the team.”

Our personal 24/7 coding genius goes above and beyond most months in my opinion, but his quiet and modest nature can sometimes mean it goes unnoticed. His ability to accommodate emergency remedials to alleviate client stresses, which often prove tricky and fall outside work hours, perfectly demonstrates his horse like work ethic. He is a true StrategiQ gem and for his constant hard work and care beyond his daily scope, I think he deserves a duvet day to recharge his batteries.”

Simon was followed closely by Chris G and our new Content Outreach and PR Executive, Levi, with 2 votes each.

Amy, Charlie, Chris P and Ash also picked up a nomination. What’s really nice to see here is that all of our new team members, Amy, Levi and Charlie, were acknowledged as MVP candidates (in fact, July was only Charlie’s second month with us!), which is testament to the impact new starters are making on the business, and our clients’ businesses, straight out of the gate.

But without further ado, the winner…

Directors Andy, James and Sarah were quick to echo the sentiments that came through from Simon’s nominations. Try as he might to hide his light under a bushel, his epic contribution to the agency really doesn’t go unnoticed.

However, our MVP for July is Bex!

Unfortunately, she wasn’t present for the big reveal as her beloved MX5 suffered a mechanical failure somewhere along the A12!

Bex, I shall endeavour to do justice to all the nice things that were said about you…

Frequent readers will know Becky is a regular contender for MVP. Her work ethic, passion for design, creative flair and attention to detail is beyond question, but what really stood out this month is her commitment to personal development and helping out the rest of the team, and how every project she’s been involved with recently has been an absolute knockout!

Becky makes sure that her level of knowledge for each project is on a par with that of the client, so that her websites not only look great, but achieve great results. Not only this, but her dedication and attention to detail is inspiring. Becky thinks up small design flourishes that I haven’t seen before that lift her designs from great to outstanding – awesome creativity!”

Well done, Bex – enjoy your duvet day and evening out, thoroughly deserved.

If you’d like to join the StrategiQ gang and be in the running for our monthly MVP award, we’re currently on the lookout for a Social Media Manager, so why not fire your CV across?

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