It’s Rheanne-uary at StrategiQ!

3 min read by Charles Craik 29 Jan 2019


January is often referred to as a ‘blue’ month, as we all get over Christmas and New Year celebrations, get back into our everyday routines and start to look ahead longingly at the prospect of sandy beaches and summertime. However, at StrategiQ, January is a month for new beginnings – and new team members!

There’s no exception this January as we’ve yet again captured some fantastic local talent to join the team. This time, it’s fast and furious developer Rheanne McCormick!

A bit more about Rheanne

Self-confessed petrol head and technology boff Rheanne joined StrategiQ after discovering her love for technology and all its malleable qualities. When asked why she chose to become a developer, she said:

“Web is the most interesting thing for me because of its endless applications for use – it’s versatile, most have access to it, and it’s dynamic. It’s a blob of interweb play-doh waiting to be moulded and I’m fascinated by it.”

Who doesn’t love play-doh?

She’s also been lucky enough to be able to combine her two life loves together for what she believes to be her most outstanding work to-date – her iconography design for the McLaren Speedtail dashboard, which made the front page of Top Gear magazine and now proudly hangs on her kitchen wall (and rightly so, it’s pretty badass.)


When she’s not building dashboards for McLaren and moulding websites like play-doh, you’ll always find Rheanne in the driver’s seat of some kind of vehicle spinning doughnuts on the track. She’s been sitting passenger-side since she was only 11 on track days and the like – and as soon as she passed her test, she was out on the track behind the wheel.

So, what brought Rheanne to StrategiQ?

“When I first visited StrategiQ to meet with Andy, I couldn’t quite believe the atmosphere in the room, everyone was warm and friendly and seemed so genuinely happy to be there. It was a refreshing change for me and I decided then and there that I wanted to be a part of this team. It’s not difficult to make yourself appear glowingly brilliant on the Internet, but to actually live up to it in real life is something else. StrategiQ is just good to its core, and you can really tell.”


Aww, we’re all welling up! Welcome to the family Rheanne! If you fancy having your very own welcome blog written about you, why don’t you send us your CV or take a look at our latest job opportunities?

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