He’s really Jor-done it this time

6 min read by Charles Craik 10 Mar 2021

It’s March – can you believe it?! It’s been some time since the craziness of COVID started, but here at StrategiQ we’re still going strong, welcoming new faces, building relationships and onboarding new clients just like we always do, embracing change as it comes and learning to make the most of it rather than let it wear us down.

That’s why, just like every other month, we’ve got a brand spanking new MVP award winner! The MVP award is a monthly award given to someone by majority vote (or on the odd occasion a couple of people) who has stood out as being an absolute top bean and deserves an extra thankyou for their ‘above and beyond’ attitude.

Here are some of our favourite nominations from February’s haul…

“Charlie earns my vote for MVP this month as he is having a massive impact across the board. His expertise is making a real difference to paid media performance, he is sharing knowledge to upskill the wider team and on top of his day to day work he has also been spearheading the biddable media entry! Keep it up Charlie!”

“This month my nomination for MVP goes to Emma. It’s always a pleasure working closely with Emma, as I know that she will always be super on it with everything that needs doing on a project. She’s incredibly organised, as well as having great communication skills. Whether it’s externally with client updates or internally to check how we are and how the project is progressing. Having sneakily caught her working loading content on annual leave, I think she should be rewarded with a duvet day! and that means no work Emma!”

“We know how incredible Hatii is but I can’t stop saying it! The attention to detail she has over tasks and the reactive response she has to support others never fail to impress. She’s always going above and beyond to do what is best for the team as well as the client. Without Hatii’s keen eye on the ball constantly ensuring deadlines are met, meetings are scheduled, communications are clear and standards are met, some of our recent projects just wouldn’t have been possible! Your behaviours are that of a hero and even heroes need a day off…especially to enjoy their new flat!!!”

“For me Roisin has stood out this month and is totally owning her role. She is beginning to think ahead to the future and where we can make positive and impactful changes within the business. Amongst being a tetris extraordinaire, and providing project manager support across multiple clients, she is evolving the visibility of the marketing tasks within the business through a template pack and undoubtedly when it’s completed, will improve the way marketing tasks can be scheduled and planned ahead. In addition Roisin has provided the client services team with a cheat sheet so that everyone knows what time is to be scheduled where, so there’s now no excuse to get it wrong! Well done Roisin, yet another amazing month.”

“So MVP time, a very month for the entire team, with site launches and notable strategy kick-offs. However this month I’m going to nominate an essential member of the team who keeps the gears turning but sometimes doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves, and with that my nomination for MVP this month is Tom. Tom is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met and this month has been no exception, behind the scenes Tom has put a proper shift in, getting the production organised and making us (in a nice way) work together to improve our processes so that everything we produce is that much better than the last, as well as tirelessly working through an enormous backlog of OS tickets to ensure that everything can be accurately quoted and scheduled as quick as possible to keep clients happy. On top of this he is constantly getting his hands dirty and jumping in the trenches to sort out issues when they arise, to protect both our clients and his team like a champ.Thank you Tom!”

It was a pleasure reading all these nominations across the whole team – but there were some clear favourites in the running this month. In the runner-up list was Roisin, Tom, Hatii and Duncan, but they were pipped at the post by our winner! Snaring his first ever MVP award is someone with extreme dedication and passion, someone who always ahs a smile on his face, loves his clients with his entire being and really bloody loves yoghurt.

Our February MVP winner is none other than Jordan Bambridge!

“Jordan for me – he was so close last month and I think he was left thinking what more could he do! Well he continued to work hard on his training and in just a month I have seen him get closer to his clients, become more confident when speaking to client’s, he has been up-selling and making the most of opportunities – all the signs of a capable and brilliant Account Manager. Given he has only been with the company 6 months I have been blown away with his attitude and work ethic especially as he had some challenges in the first few months when getting to know his clients. He deserves the day off the take away for sure!!!!”

“Despite narrowly missing out on MVP last month, Jordan has been gunning for the title full steam again this month. Managing an increased workload, onboarding a new client, upselling on several fronts, suring up existing clients, presenting solo to clients and all while he is still leading on the training. He deserves a duvet day!”

Well, Jordan, you got you much deserved duvet day after some incredible dedication to training, keeping your clients happy and engaged and just generally being a top lad. Congrats!

Wanna win an MVP? You gotta join us first! We’re always looking for passionate people, so get in touch if you wanna be a part of it or check out our careers page.

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