Geez’ an MVP then Mate

6 min read by Charles Craik 10 Mar 2022

We’re finally heading towards the sunshine, lighter days and blooming flowers of spring as the calendar ticks over to March. And, of course, the turn of the month, means a new MVP must be crowned for their dedication and ‘above and beyond’ attitude to their work. February was a great month for StrategiQ, we launched our free website performance audit, celebrated anniversaries, welcomed new starter Ben and more!

Let’s waste no more time and get right into the nominations for February’s Most Valuable Player! A good spread as usual this month, with nominations across the business:

“This month my vote goes to Bex. Her focus on our clients, organising reshuffles and just genuinely caring above and beyond her role has really stood out to me this month. She’s caught dropped balls, gone the extra mile and supported the team immensely.”

“My vote for MVP this month is Dafydd. His leadership style and expertise is incredible to watch and one that makes you want to push yourself everyday. Not only this, he always checks in on everyone to make sure you are happy in both your professional and personal life and brings a great calming and reassuring feeling to meetings. Dafydd definitely deserves a duvet day!”

“Immie repeatedly impresses me with the intelligent, proactive, consistent way that she goes about her tasks. Immie takes everything in her stride and is picking up SEO so quickly it’s scary! She has really smashed some deadlines this month especially and has been a real key member of the team – I think she’s well-deserving of an MVP!”

“The person I have voted for this month has literally taken my personal and professional goals and has supercharged them, and they’re not even in the same department as I am! It’s been the most and closest I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Phil M, but boy what an impression this guy makes. So much expertise, such a brilliant mind, and has a connection and communication style with our clients that is quite simply, genius. I’ve had a year-long plan in mind, which basically needs to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluated as this man has single-handedly advanced what I had in mind for the next 6 months, all within a matter of weeks. His enthusiasm rubs off anyone he works with, and now I feel super powered thanks to his support and actions.”

“Lauren is so incredibly passionate about her service line and the capabilities that it gives most strategies to be incredibly intelligent and customer journey focused. This spills out into her readiness and willingness to support with pitching, meeting prep and ideation. I am continually mind blown by her level of expertise and her hunger to grow this element of the business.”

It was REALLY hard to pick the best ones out this month – these were all such considered, genuinely lovely nominations!

BUT – there was a clear winner this month. Despite how many people got nominated – it was very clear who had had the biggest impact on the team in February. This person was described as a ‘geeza’, a wizard, welcoming, friendly and patient. Have any of these people met him? (I’m kidding you are all those things!)

If you guessed our resident Kiwi Tyler, you’d be on the money! Let’s read some of Tyler’s nominations that secured him February’s MVP.

“Tyler what a geeza. Absolutely bossing the processes for StrategiQ at the moment and most of it is in the background so you can’t even see the true extent to what a difference he is making. It’s been a pleasure working with him and seeing him nail the sales process and delivery to the wider team. Not only this but the level of detail and thinking that he is going into to solve so many problems for now and the future such as the channel planning, resourcing and also quoting for work means we will reap the benefits for a very long time. Keep it up Tyler, have a beer lad!”

“This month I would like to nominate Tyler for MVP. This month Tyler has really demonstrated his expertise and, in turn, has implemented a series of work that will have a huge impact on StrategiQ. The work that he has been doing on our productisation and how we sell our services is brilliant and you can really tell just how much time he has dedicated to this. This goes far beyond “just doing his job” and I am excited to see the impact that this has over the next 6-12 months. Keep up the awesome work Tyler and share some of those spreadsheet wizardry skills.”

“Hands down his best month he’s had. The operations focus this month around sales and the future of the OS has taken real shape – Developing processes that are not only essential for the business, but making them accessible, logical and simple. What he presented to the leadership team went above and beyond the call of duty. Now managing the process in taking it from spreadsheets to the OS, I personally cannot wait for his work to be implemented into the business in our app. Great work T, this is an absolute game changer!!!”

“Tyler has been working tirelessly on our systems and processes this month and impacting most areas of the business. Arguably this is his job but the MVP justification for me is the way he’s pulled together the sales process/customer journey and channel plan. He’s been relentless in his approach to this and the standard of work is extremely high. Well Done Tyler.”

Congratulations, Tyler, thank you for making our processes, systems, and all those complicated things easier for us all, every day. (or at least trying to…. cough Apple TV cough..). Enjoy your duvet day and dinner!

Wanna win your own MVP? Join the team! We’re hiring and even if you don’t think there’s the right role for you right now, come talk to us – we’re always after passionate people. Check out our careers or just get in touch.

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