Emma’s Bringing The MA To AD

3 min read by Charles Craik 12 Jan 2022

A new year can’t properly begin without welcoming a new face to the team! Here at StrategiQ we’re taking full advantage of ‘the great resignation’ and snapping up some fantastic individuals to join our ever-growing team of marketing experts. This time, we’re saying ‘Hey!’ to Emma Burley, Client Director! I’ll tell you a bit more about Emma…

Emma is incredibly experienced in the marketing industry, starting out with an MA in Journalism, and spending the next almost 15 years in marketing and communications. She’s really passionate about brand – tone of voice, storytelling, messaging and brand development are what really floats her boat. She’s a self-proclaimed good content addict and loves nothing more than the challenge of adapting brand voices to meet the needs of their different personas.

Emma is a bubbly, outgoing person and makes it her role to create a positive, enjoyable and upbeat work environment for her colleagues – where the team can learn from each other and achieve together. I think you’ll fit in well here Emma!

What does Emma do at Home?

A family-oriented person, Emma loves to spend her spare time with her three boys in the great outdoors or tucked up on the sofa with a takeaway, a glass of wine and her Border Terrier and moggy. She’s a sucker for punishment, spending several hours a week observing from the side of a football pitch, most notably Portman Road.

Alongside the joy of watching football, she also loves a physical challenge and has completed multiple mud races, half marathons and full marathons in the past. More recently she’s been a bit more satisfied with a quiet jog or long walk to a pub. (That’s a bit more my style too, to be honest.)


Emma doesn’t chill for long though, as you’ll often find her cramming in as much social time as possible, and barbecuing in any weather all year round to get her fix of BBQ meaty goodness. I fully expect an invite to the next BBQ in the snow, Emma.

So why did Emma choose StrategiQ?

“I chose StrategiQ because the Account Director role offers me an incredible opportunity to apply my skills and experience, generating strategies and implementing campaigns that make a real difference at an agency that is growing and simply put, does things well.”

We are so excited to have you join the team, Emma, welcome in! Wanna be part of the action? Check out our latest careers or just get in touch with us.

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