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2 min read by Andy Smith 24 Oct 2013

Track Calls

Many consumers will visit a website and find exactly what they are looking for, but would still rather pick up the phone to make an enquiry or purchase than following the process online. This could be due to many reasons such as they may require further information about a product or service or they may feel more comfortable purchasing over the phone. Whatever the reason, these are still valid website conversions, but how can businesses measure these? Especially when it’s not appropriate to ask where they got the phone number from.

Marketing companies, such as Strategiq, can offer call tracking services, which allow you to have a dedicated phone number for your website. These can be tracked on a daily basis, letting business owners know how many people called via visiting the site, how many calls were answered and if any were missed.

When measuring website conversions, businesses will look at website data to assess how many site visits have converted to enquiries and sales. This is usually done by looking at how many people have sent a message via the site contact page or looking at how many emails have been received by the email address provided on site. Although this is a valid way to measure the success of a website, it may not be giving the business the full picture.

Call tracking is a lot more sophisticated than businesses may assume. Numbers can automatically change on site depending on landing page, organic or PPC searched and even keywords from which the site visit was made. This is an advanced way to measure SEO and other digital marketing efforts.

If you feel that you are getting more phone calls than emails but have put a lot of effort into internet marketing, it may be that many of the calls are being generated from your site but it is difficult to track these and measure. To discuss how call tracking services could benefit your marketing strategy, contact Strategiq today.

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