Dan Scoops the MVP Accolades

3 min read by Andy Smith 3 Jul 2017


If you’ve followed our monthly Most Valuable Player competition from the very start, you’ll know that we’ve gone from having a handful of team members to choose from to now having almost a couple of dozen, across several teams.

This has made it increasingly difficult to pick who to nominate as there are lots more people going above and beyond, and we don’t always have enough visibility over who’s done what each month, which means people tend to vote for the people they work most closely with.

Therefore, to make it totally fair and unbiased, we’ve introduced a new format… Basically, we all still nominate a contender, but rather than counting up the votes and awarding MVP to whoever has the most, Andy and James will now assess the nominations and choose the winner independently.

So how does that work in practice?

This month, for example, there was a runaway winner as far as the nominations went, with our new Senior Marketing Consultant, Amy, sweeping the board with a whopping 6 votes – not bad for her first month on the job!

Here are a few soundbites from Amy’s nominations…

“Amy’s attitude towards her work is exemplary. Her attention to detail is exactly what we strive for here and she seems to be making very strong client relationships in a very short space of time.”

“Amy is a really nice presence in the office and has fitted in seamlessly with the team. Her allocated tasks are well thought through and clearly defined, which makes others’ jobs easier and saves time and energy.”

“Amy always takes the time to listen to opinions and takes everybody’s ideas into account. She’s a great asset to the team who is clearly working hard to help the team deliver cracking results – a pleasure to work with!”

Tom also picked up a couple of votes, as did Bex, and Nick, Simon, Amruta and I got a nomination each. However, as of this month, the judges’ decision is final and their winner was…

Our resident technical SEO guru, Dan!

Not to belittle Amy’s claim for the popular vote, but Andy and James felt that Dan has done a huge amount of work, behind the scenes if you like, which has gone largely unnoticed by the rest of the team…

“Dan definitely went above and beyond in June, not only creating a powerful keyword ROI planner / tracker doc, which will be immensely useful to our clients and their integrated marketing strategies (with extra hours going in at the weekend for the past 6–8 weeks or so), but also working hard on his blogging profile, securing several high value links to the StrategiQ website with his well crafted, insightful articles for the likes of Moz. He’s also continued to bring a critical approach to our processes, constantly looking for ways to improve our operational efficiency. In short, a stand out month from Dan – definitely deserving of a duvet day.”

Well done, Dan. Enjoy your evening out on the company credit card. Can you run up a large bill at a Vegan restaurant? I guess we’ll find out.

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