Crowning June’s MVPiwi

7 min read by Charles Craik 11 Jul 2022

Another month, another heatwave, another winner of the coveted StrategiQ MVP title…

It’s somehow already July! As we prepare for the coming months, it’s good to reflect on what we’ve achieved in the first half of the year and take a moment to breathe and recalibrate to make the second half of the year as good as the first. In the past 6 months, we’ve done some amazing things as an agency. We’ve welcomed some brilliant new people into the business, said some sad goodbyes, launched some awesome websites, built some amazing relationships and smashed goals like only we know how to!

Our first step into the latter half of 2022 is to crown the final MVP for the first half. Our June MVP was certainly an exciting one (mainly because I got some lovely nominations) so let’s dive into some of our favourite nominations from the June cohort.

“Bex could be voted for every single month, however this month more than ever she is deserving of the award. She is an account management and coordination superstar. She has been pivotal in helping key projects get over the line, raising opportunities, chasing additional pieces of work and also holding clients to account. She is becoming a master of ‘firm but fair’ client handling and communication. She often does late nights and weekends when she absolutely shouldn’t do, but she does so because of her obsession with our clients getting the best possible service. So a duvet day will be much needed to catch up on some welcome R&R! Keep up the great work Bex. The team and clients love you!”

“I’m sure it will just be met with “Well it’s in my job description”, but the support I’ve received from Dunc over my first month has been exceptional. He has consistently made time at the moment I’ve needed it, and been saintly with his patience in my education. 10/10, would pester again.”

“Immie just keeps going no matter what you throw at her. This month she’s really started to take a lead on her accounts, has been thinking like a real SEO in the way she goes about tasks and she’s not afraid to challenge things to make sure we’re doing the best for our clients. She’s tenacious about getting things right and will explore every option to ensure she’s not missing anything. Immie certainly deserves some recognition for the transition she’s made into the SEO team and the hard work she’s putting in on what can be some quite challenging work.”

“Every month Levi’s hard work can sometimes go under the radar – as she sets such a high standard, everyone just comes to expect world-class work from her. This month is no different as she’s helped launch another successful website and gone above and beyond by working many late nights to make sure all the work gets done. Levi has been a key figure in onboarding new members of the SEO team along with helping Imogen thrive. While doing all these she still maintains close to 100% utilisation and continues to always be kind and willing to help if you ever need help. If anyone deserves a duvet day, it’s Levi!” (had to get one in there for me!)

“It’s been another difficult decision for MVP, with so many of the team absolutely smashing it. First across the finishing line this month for me is Tom. His professionalism in and out of work shines through, leads from the front, and ensures the whole team is set for success. He’s supportive and goes above and beyond for colleagues and clients alike. A true credit to StrategiQ. Keep smashing it Tom, you deserve a duvet day!”

What a brilliant collection of loveliness from this bunch this month. It’s always a privilege to get to read these nominations and write up such a glowing representation of the team at their best. But there’s one person who has particularly stood out this month and absolutely cleaned up with a landslide number of votes. This person has a silly accent (you’ve guessed it already haven’t you?) but is also an operations superstar, takes being blamed for pretty much everything remotely technical going wrong like a champ and is a genuine pleasure to spend time with.

You should’ve worked it out by now – our June MVP is Tyler Webb-Harding! Let’s read some of our champion’s nominations…

“This month I’m voting for Tyler. His ownership over some of the latest updates in the OS showcases his relentless commitment to improving all areas of the business. The new integration of training and goals in Scoro is seamless and a great milestone in the continued evolution of our OS platform. In addition to his work on the OS and operations, he’s onboarded our new IT support partner, all with no issues (from what I’ve seen) Hope you enjoy a well-earned day off mate, you deserve it.”

“This month my nomination has to go to Tyler. Tyler has been an absolute machine this month. I have no idea how he manages to deal with the sheer amount of requests he has on a daily basis, whilst also getting so much shit done. Overhearing client calls and training sessions you can tell how much he truly embodies our values and the passion he has for our processes. Also, the continuous updates to the OS he is leading are having a big impact on us as a company (in particular the training session that was held). Great month Tyler, have a day off!”

“June just flew by, with that said to me there was a single person that stood above and made a real impact this month and that’s Tyler. With OS impressive features constantly dropping and his leadership of the Thursday workshops, Tyler has really impressed me this month, which is not an easy task, go Tyler!”

“Voting for our resident kiwi this month. Tyler has been great at leading the Thursday workshops, taking on feedback and adapting sessions quickly to ensure everyone gets the most out of them. I’ve also been really impressed with some of the recent rollouts on the OS and some of the formula wizardry in the channel plans. Tyler is really going all out to improve our processes at StrategiQ and I for one are all for it. Keep up the good work mate.”

“For me, Tyler has really stood out this month for his constant attention to processes, innovations, evolutions, tweaks, updates and training. The guy has fast become the most useful person in the office and is constantly in demand for help and insights. So much in demand that he deserves a break! So, give him a medal and a day off :)”

Unfortunately, you don’t get a medal Tyler but you DO get a day off and a dinner out on us – enjoy it, it is certainly well deserved!

Wanna win your very own MVP? It could be you next! Check out our careers page or get in touch to see if you’re our next Tyler.

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