What is Creative & Directional Media?

Directional Media

Essentially there are two elements to increasing your brand awareness and lead generation through known market (customers that know you) and Unknown Market (customers that don’t know you). Creative media is designed to target those that are not aware they have a need for your product or service. With the right message and channel you can create the need. Creative marketing examples are Radio, Magazines, Brochures, Direct Mail/email and Social Media. This can be expensive if not planned correctly and most of the time difficult to track direct return on investment. That said it definitely has a place and can be great for brand awareness.

Directional Media is more targeted, the aim is to ensure you can be found when a customer knows they want your product and or service. The game then is ensuring they choose you over your competition. Directional Media examples are SEO, PPC/Adwords, Google Re-marketing, Trade Shows, exhibitions and effective lead management.

We would always recommend a mixture of marketing in your strategy although budget and business needs will determine how much and when to ensure return on investment is maximised. Please call us anytime to discuss your needs.