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Creating an industry-leading website that demonstrates the vision and values of one of the region's most established and trusted schools.
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“Having the technical excellence really makes you stand out from other marketing agencies – it is superb. As I said right from the start of the project, I had the right connection with the StrategiQ team. You absolutely understood us, engaged with the energy and direction of the school and put in some incredibly hard work to deliver us a fantastic website.”
Shona Norman, Head of Woodbridge School

Woodbridge School is one of the region’s most established and trusted schools, combining private learning with huge opportunities for personal growth so that children become well-rounded, self-reliant adults.

An independent school with big ambitions to shake up the private education sector and attract more boarding students. Woodbridge school required a new industry leading website, a platform that would differentiate them from their competitors and provide a way to amplify their vision and values.

The primary objective was to relaunch the Woodbridge brand and tell their story with considered and curated new content. Ensuring the website has a great blend of form and function while delivering a CMS that is easy to manage and update as required.

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Client Story

Finding their voice

Brand Manifesto

We took the school on a journey – away from the leafy green images you tend to see on these types of school websites to putting the students at the heart of what they do.

To truly stand out, we couldn’t stand still or make incremental gains but had to push the fold and change the game. Our creative team looked at wider prestige brands as well as direct competitors to guide where Woodbridge School wanted to be.

Our creative team helped Woodbridge School define their brand and identity – providing updated guidelines, manifesto and documentation to guide how they talk about themselves – while informing the direction of the new website’s content.

Leading the way

Website Development

Woodbridge School’s new website needed to attract prospective parents and students, invite enquiries and guide visitors to book tours around the School or attend open day events.

We built a powerful statement piece that helps Woodbridge School stand out from the multitude of competitors both locally and nationally. The concept was ambitious but matched the values and new direction for the School.

What really brings the new website to life is the incorporation of dynamic animated components and thoughtful imagery of the students, staff and facilities, painting the picture of what life is really like at Woodbridge School.

Looking to the future

Marketing Strategy

In addition to a modern representation of the school, there’s also a big focus on its rich heritage and the values that have characterised the school since it was established way back in the 16th century.

Our insights highlighted numerous ways in which Woodbridge School could demonstrate their values and stand out from the more traditional competitors in the private education space. By putting the students and educational experiences at the heart of the brand storytelling, we were better positioned to take both parents and prospective students on a journey they wanted to be a part of.

Subsequently, all outward facing marketing and campaign assets focused on development of the students, their stories and their potential.


A new term

Shaping their future

With the successful launch of the new-feel Woodbridge School branding and website, we then used thoughtful creative advertising to drive open day attendance and prospectus requests.

In line with the wider strategy, our creative concepts have focused on shaping futures – how the decisions made now can empower a student’s potential. Amplified with a multichannel organic and paid social marketing campaigns to promote wider regional awareness and drive open day attendance. Using a sophisticated targeting approach, we focused on key travel corridor overlays, including train lines and bus routes, to maximise effective reach and conversion.


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